Donald Trump Jr. Proclaims There’s ‘Nothing Better than the Energy’ at a Trump Rally

by Matthew Wilson

Donald Trump Jr. is sharing a throwback image to a presidential rally he held with his father. He proclaimed there was nowhere with better energy than one of his father’s rallies.

In the photo, Trump Jr. is speaking on behalf of the president. Donald Trump, wearing a Make America Great Again hat, stands close by and beams. In the background, a group of supporters all wear MAGA hats themselves. Trump Jr. shared the photo on Instagram.

He captioned the photo, “Nothing better than the energy at a @realdonaldtrump rally. You can just feel the love of country.”

Throughout the election, Trump Jr. was one of his father’s biggest supporters on the election trail. He held several rallies in Florida where he teamed with UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal for the Fighters Against Socialism tour. It was a move to increase Hispanic voters for Trump. Even though the president lost the election, he ultimately won Florida.

Additionally, Trump Jr. notably teamed up with musician Kid Rock for rallies in Michigan during the election. Currently, Trump Jr. is self-isolating after contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Followers Reacted to Donald Trump Jr.’s Post

Several of Trump Jr.’s Instagram followers reacted to the post. Several shared their love for Trump rallies with a series of heart and American flag emojis. One user wrote, “I’m kinda thinking Rallies every 2 Weeks for the next 4 Years and throw in 20-30 Speeches each year too. Dems -Media would love it!”

Another wrote, “Facts!!! Trump rallies are the best!!!”

One user repeated the belief that voter fraud was involved in the election. They also referenced allegations regarding Joe Biden’s son Hunter. They wrote, “It is time to bring the evidence out now and let the world know!! Where is Hunter and laptop? Just went away now??”