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Donald Trump Jr. Reacts to the President’s ‘Sick Dance Moves’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Instead of an election, there should be a dance-off for president. Donald Trump Jr. posted a video to Instagram demonstrating his father’s “sick dance moves.”

The footage captured President Donald Trump at a campaign rally, jamming at one of his rallies. Trump Jr. wrote, “Now I know where I get my sick dance moves!!!”


‘Seinfeld’ Actors Accused Donald Trump of Stealing The Dance Moves

Both Seinfeld actors Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus accused Trump of “stealing” the dance moves from Dreyfus’ character Elaine. Dreyfus posted a side by side comparison of her and Trump acting out similar dance moves.

“The President is apparently a fan of [Dreyfus] famous I can’t dance for s–t moves,” Alexander wrote on Twitter. “Julia was working hard to be that awful. I feel like these are his best moves.”

Dreyfus made fun of the president’s dance moves on Twitter. She wrote, “First he stole all of Veep. Now he’s stealing from Seinfeld. Melania deserves an Emmy for acting like she’s attracted to THIS.”

Trump Previously Danced At A Florida Rally

The president seemed in high spirits after beating COVID-19. He returned to his campaign for the first time since his diagnosis on Oct. 12. Trump started by holding a rally in Sanford, Florida. The event drew thousands of supporters to the battle ground state.

According to the Associated Press, Trump spoke for about an hour where he declared himself “immune” to the virus. He also offered to walk into the audience and “give ya a big fat kiss.”

At the end of the rally, Trump treated audiences to a little dance. He swayed to the music of “YMCA” by The Village People and moved his fists to the tempo of the song. Later, Trump’s social media strategist Ryann McEnany tweeted the video of the president dancing. Likewise, it went viral online.