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Donald Trump Jr. Responds to Christiane Amanpour’s Nazi Comments on CNN: ‘Truly Disgusting’

by Chris Haney
Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images

On Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. responded to a Twitter user’s post about CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour’s recent comments comparing President Donald Trump and his supporters to Nazis.

Last Thursday, Amanpour made controversial comments during the introduction to her international affairs show Amanpour. The host’s comments immediately received criticism from many online and in the political world. The backlash continued into this week.

“This week 82 years ago, Kristallnacht happened. It was the Nazis’ warning shot across the bow of our human civilization that led to genocide against a whole identity. And, in that tower of burning books, it led to an attack on fact, knowledge, history and proof,” Amanpour said last week. “After four years of a modern-day assault on those same values by Donald Trump, the Biden-Harris team pledges a return to normal.”

Donald Trump Jr. Chimes In

A Twitter user posed the question “How in the world does Christiane Amanpour still have a job at CNN after comparing Trump supporters to Nazis on the air? Donald Trump Jr. chimed in by retweeting the question and adding a simple statement as further criticism of Amanpour.

“Truly disgusting,” Trump Jr. wrote in the tweet.

Christiane Amanpour Says She Regrets Her Comments

Amanpour’s comments last week stirred up quite a bit of controversy. During Monday night’s show, she ended the program with an apology for her previous statements.

She said she regretted comparing a horrific night that began the Holocaust to Trump’s presidency over the last four years. Amanpour admitted she “should not have juxtaposed” Hitler and the Nazis launching Kristallnacht to President Trump and his supporters.

“I observed the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht, as I often do. It’s the event that began the horrors of the Holocaust. I also noted President Trump’s attacks on history, facts, knowledge, and truth,” Amanpour stated. “I shouldn’t have juxtaposed the two thoughts. Hitler and his evils stand alone in history. And I regret any pain my statement may have caused. My point was to say how democracy can potentially slip away, and how we must always zealously guard our democratic values.”

Whether or not Amanpour will have to deal with any consequences because of her comments is unknown at this time.