Donald Trump Jr. Responds to Latest CNN Report About COVID-19: ‘Finally Realizes’

by Jennifer Shea

Donald Trump Jr. responded on Twitter to a new CNN report Monday. The report, based on leaked documents, showed that China underreported Covid-19 data, took weeks to diagnose new cases and failed to disclose a flu spike in Hubei Province this December.

Donald Trump Jr. Responds to Report

“CNN FINALLY REALIZES CHINA LIED 10 MONTHS LATER,” Trump Jr. tweeted Monday evening.

The report found that in the early weeks of the pandemic, China was downplaying the severity of the virus even as local health authorities counted more than double the official public number of confirmed coronavirus cases. Local health officials were slow to diagnose Covid-19 cases. And they have neglected to make public details regarding the flu spike in Hubei around the same time.

CNN stopped short of saying Chinese authorities deliberately hid facts. The network merely pointed to “numerous inconsistencies” between what Chinese authorities knew and what they told the public. However, it noted that the starkest discrepancies were in China’s reporting of death tolls. 

President Trump has drawn criticism from CNN for referring to the coronavirus as “the Chinese virus.” He defended it when questioned but later stopped using the phrase.

Mutually Critical

Trump Jr. and his allies have been persistent critics of CNN. On Nov. 19, the president’s son tweeted that it was “truly disgusting” Christiane Amanpour still has a job at CNN after she compared Trump supporters to Nazis.

And earlier this month, Trump Jr. tweeted about CNN host Wolf Blitzer, who had marveled at the number of buildings boarded up on the eve of the election. “I never thought I would see so many buildings here in the nation’s capital boarded-up,” Blitzer had posted.

“I never thought I’d see an entire main stream media complex lie so badly and pour so much fuel on fires to cause this type of unrest,” Trump Jr. responded to Blitzer. “You a-holes and your liberal agenda built that.”

Many of Trump’s followers have picked up on his dislike for CNN. This month, a group of Trump supporters in Michigan shouted “CNN sucks!” and “Fake news!” behind a CNN correspondent who was attempting to broadcast from Lansing.