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Donald Trump Jr. Speaks Out After Positive COVID-19 Test

by Emily Morgan
(Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr. is responding after receiving a positive COVID-19 test.

On Friday, Trump Jr. spoke out via an Instagram video to inform his followers of his experience and plans of what he’ll be doing while he quarantines.

Jokingly, Trump Jr. began by saying, “apparently I got ‘the rona.'”

The President’s oldest son contracted the virus earlier in the week. A statement made by a Trump spokesperson confirmed that Trump Jr. is asymptomatic.

Despite the bad news, Trump Jr. seemed to be in good spirits when he posted the video. Although he did make it clear that he would “take it seriously,” saying, “out of an abundance of precaution, I’ll quarantine.” Throughout the video, Trump Jr. stressed that he was “totally asymptomatic.”

Trump Jr. said he got tested because he and his son were planning to take a father-son vacation together after being on the road campaigning for his Father.

He continued by describing how strange of an experience it’s been for him, saying, “no symptoms— nothing… so it’s a little bit odd.”

Donald Trump Jr. Speaks Directly to His Followers: “I’d Reach Out to You Guys First”

Throughout the video, Trump Jr. had an overall positive outlook, regardless of his positive test result. He spoke directly to his fans, saying, “I figured I’d reach out to you guys.. I’ve already seen some of the well-wishes coming in… the text messages, the DMs, the comments on my posts… so I just figure I’d reach out to you guys first.”

He also invited his followers to send him their Netflix recommendations, saying, “I may have a couple of days of solo time, and there are only so many guns I can clean before I get bored.”

He reiterated his appreciation for his fan’s concern, saying, “It means the world to me. I will keep you briefed as soon as I know anything else myself. Be well.”

So far, the President has not made any comments about his son’s test results.