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Donald Trump Jr Posts New ‘MAGA’ Photo and Trump Supporters Are Going Wild

by Josh Lanier

Donald Trump Jr posted a photo with his father and brother Eric at the White House that has his supporters excited. The president’s son captioned the photo “MAGA” for Make America Great Again.

President Donald Trump is contesting the results of the presidential election. Joe Biden is the presumptive president elect after claiming 306-232 electoral votes. Trump claims there was rampant voter fraud and has appointed Rudy Giuliani to head up the many lawsuits in several states, though the campaign has not made public any substantiated evidence. And many of the lawsuits are being dismissed or are floundering, the New York Times is reporting.

That hasn’t deterred any of his followers. Many turned up in the comments of Trump Jr’s Instagram post.

“WE LOVE OUR PRESIDENT we are not giving up the fight we are going to keep on praying and believing and knowing that God is going to move in this situation. President Trump will be our president for the next four years in Jesus name. Please let him know how much we love and care about him and appreciate all he is doing and how he is fighting for us let him know we are fighting for him,” one person posted.

“What a fantastic photo. If you want to know about a man, just look at his kids. You’re all great men! Thank you for what you’re doing for this country. MAGA!” someone else wrote.

Though there were people who weren’t happy with the photo in the comments.

“Donald trump lost,” one of them wrote.

“YOU’RE FIRED. GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE,” someone else wrote.

Donald Trump Jr Continues to Stir Up Social Media

Donald Trump Jr also riled up his fans the day before with a photo recalling the the Bubba Wallace’s garage pull scandal from earlier this year. His post claims FBI agents took that more seriously than they are complaints of voter fraud.

“Amazing… And true. The FBI sends a team of 15 people to investigate a garage pull, but when it comes to actually looking at voter fraud claims, even with sworn affidavit, they can’t be bothered,” the president’s son captioned the meme. “They simply don’t want to disrupt an outcome that they want in the swamp. This last four years has really open my eyes to our government and our insane bureaucracy.”