Donald Trump Loses 2020 Presidential Race After Pennsylvania Called for Joe Biden: Report

by Jon D. B.

Within America’s most voted-upon election in history, Donald Trump has lost his bid for reelection to former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the Associated Press.

Record voter turnout in nearly every U.S. state has Joe Biden declaring victory over current U.S. President Donald Trump. For Election Day and the day following, the race stood neck and neck. Most states delivered as expected, with the majority of the southeastern U.S. coming in strong for Trump and all of New England championing Joe Biden. Trump manages, over the next 24 hours, to take key states like Florida, too.

Then, things get interesting. As vote counting continues on – states like Michigan and Wisconsin flip to blue, with their citizens outvoting Trump in favor of Biden. Other important swing states, such as Arizona, came in blue, with Biden winning over 50% of the votes.

Moreover, the final neck of the race pulls two wild cards. A last minute, neck & neck tussle in battleground state Pennsylvania ends up tipping in Biden’s favor. Here, by less than 100,000 votes, Biden claims victory over Trump after the total count reaches over 98%. In addition, fellow battleground state Georgia finally flips to blue, as well, in the closest call of nearly all U.S. states.

With all that said, it was AP’s call of Pennsylvania that concluded the race.

Donald Trump’s Verbiage on Campaign Sites

What has the majority of Americans choosing Biden over Trump? According to the Associated Press, rhetoric plays heavily into this year’s unprecedented election.

Trump’s campaign chose to fully embrace Republicans as “American”, while criminalizing Democratic Americans. The top text on Trump campaign’s WIN RED website for election day doubles down on the current President’s beliefs:

“STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!” the site begins. “Democrats have made it clear that they are the party of high taxes, high crime, and RADICAL SOCIALISM.”

Moreover, a quote the site attributes to President Trump himself set up this election as “fraud” before any results were officially counted. “The Democrats want to steal this election!” he leads with in all capital letters.

“THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO STEAL THIS ELECTION! There will be FRAUD like you’ve never seen, plain and simple! We need YOUR HELP to ensure we have the resources to protect the results and keep fighting even after Election Day. Don’t wait, step up NOW to DEFEND the integrity of our Election!”

Donald Trump

In addition, Trump’s plea to potential voters labels the other side of the isle as “socialists” looking to create a “socialist” country. “It’s up to YOU to send a message that America will NEVER be a socialist country. President Trump needs you on his team to ensure victory and help us Keep America Great.”

As a result, Democratic voters were never to be swayed to vote Republican in this election.

Trump Updating Election Live On Twitter

To make matters worse for the President, his penchant for tweeting becomes far more intense during the days of the election. While not directly censoring him, Twitter has had to remove no less than six third-party links posted by the President during the election for bolstering “fake news”.

“Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process,” Twitter warns. The links posted by the President come from propaganda sites, and not official news sources, prompting Twitter to intervene on possible election influence by false information.

In addition, the current President called for the United States to “STOP THE COUNT” amid citizen’s votes being counted. While this is puzzling, it comes during a moment when Trump is watching key states swing in Joe Biden’s favor. Stopping the constitutional process by which the United States of America elects its presidents, however, is a poor target to pick for voters looking to support American ideals.

In the end, this polarization and labeling of American citizens, cost him a second turn in office. Come January 2021, the fate of all Americans – Republican or Democrat – will now be in Joe Biden‘s hands.