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Donald Trump and Melania Exit Air Force One and Social Media Thinks She Pulls Her Hand Away in New Video

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Tasos Katopodis / Stringer / Getty Images)

Social media is sounding off on a newly surfaced video showing President Donald Trump trying to hold his wife Melania’s hand. Many on Twitter think the First Lady recoiled from her husband.

The 26-second clip shows President Donald Trump emerging from the plane first followed by Melania. Before walking down the stairs, the President appears to try holding Melania’s left hand. However, she carries a purse in her left hand and uses her right to hold onto the rail.

As the two walk down the stairs, followed by their son, Barron Trump, Melania refrains from grabbing her husband’s hand. Twitter user, Derek DelGaudio, shared the clip with the caption: “She’s voting for Biden.”

After posting the clip, thousands of users weighed in with their own commentary. Many made accusations about the President’s relationship with the First Lady.

“She literally yanked her hand away from his,” one user writes. “It’s not the first time either. It’s clear they do not have a happy marriage. I bet he yells at her and calls her names like he likes to do with other women.”

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Did Melania Really Pull Her Hand Away from Donald Trump?

While some suspect that Melania didn’t want to hold the President’s hand, others offered another theory. A number of Twitter users think that Melania wasn’t avoiding the President, but rather trying to keep her dress from blowing in the wind.

“I think she’s using her purse to keep her front-slit dress from coming apart & flying up,” one user writes. “Try deplaning in a full skirted-dress sometime…you’ll understand.”

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