Donald Trump Provides Update on Son Donald Jr.’s COVID-19 Condition: ‘Doing Very Well’

by Atlanta Northcutt

Donald Trump is updating the public on the health of his son, Donald Trump Jr., after he tested positive for COVID-19.

An Update on Donald Trump Jr.

The tweet from Trump came on Friday after his oldest son posted a video on Instagram informing followers of his COVID-19 diagnosis, saying “apparently I got ‘the rona.'”

Trump Jr. asked his followers for recommendations on books and Netflix series to pass the time before adding: “I may have a couple days of solo time and there’s only so many guns I can clean before that gets bored.”

He claims to be “totally asymptomatic”, but expresses he would “take it seriously,” saying, “out of an abundance of precaution, I’ll quarantine.” In the video, he continues to say how odd it is that he “has no symptoms — nothing.”

He contracted the disease earlier in the week and has been in isolation since Monday. A Trump spokesperson confirmed that he is asymptomatic.

Trump Jr. says “I figured I’d reach out to you guys.. I’ve already seen some of the well-wishes coming in… the text messages, the DMs, the comments on my posts… so I just figure I’d reach out to you guys first.”

President’s Post and Public’s Response

The president updated the public on his son’s health by simply tweeting: “My son Donald is doing very well. Thank you!”

A response to the president’s update on Twitter says, “Your son may be doing very well, but the secret service agents & the rest of the people he intentionally infected may not be so lucky. More positive tests are increasing daily bc there are more ppl like U intentionally infecting others.”

Another tweet says, “I am extremely glad that he is doing well, along with your family. Covid is no joke. So glad that your family have overcome this terrible virus. With that being said Sir. please stop stirring up division. It’s destroying our democracy. Please concede with your head held high.TY”

Both Trump and his son have been accused of dismissing the severity of the pandemic. In October, Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News that critics of the Trump administration’s widely slammed approach to the pandemic are “truly morons” and said COVID-19 deaths in America are “almost nothing”.