Donald Trump Reportedly Planning 2024 Campaign Event During Joe Biden’s Inauguration

by Kayla Zadel

Sources surrounding President Trump are reporting that a campaign event could happen as early as January.

The Daily Beast reports that sources close to the President say that he may be plotting various ways to boycott President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration ceremony. These ideas include ways to steal Biden’s thunder during the swearing-in event.

The sources state that Trump believes that he would garner the coverage of the TV networks if he were to leave the White House because Biden is “boring.” Another idea is to kick-off his 2024 campaign with a rally that coincides with the inauguration ceremony.

According to University of Richmond law professor Carl Tobias, this would be an “unprecedented” decision to host a campaign event on the same day the 46th President is sworn into office.

“No one who has lost a race for President has ever announced the intent to run four years later on the day that the victor is sworn in,” Tobias told Business Insider in an email statement.

If Trump were to hold some sort of event, it would obviously be a detour from protocol. The outgoing president traditionally attends the incoming president’s inauguration. The ceremony shows the transferring of power in a peaceful way.

Trump Has Yet to Concede

Sources close to Trump are talking about a possible 2024 run. They report that he’s brainstorming ways to stay relevant once he steps down from the office. Trump continues to refuse to publicly concede the election to Biden. However, signs of defeat were starting to show this week. He did admit he would leave the White House in January if the electoral college approves Biden’s votes.

Trump did appear to concede the results at one point. However, he quickly took back those comments saying “I concede NOTHING.”

Those surrounding Trump, including VP Mike Pence, remain under the notion that the administration will remain in the White House for another term. However, his daughter Ivanka and wife Melania are trying to influence him to accept the results.