Audio Tapes With Donald Trump’s Sister Maryanne on Them Come Out, and She Talks About the Family

by Matthew Wilson
Donald Trump Sister Maryanne Talks About the Family In Audio Tapes

Nothing can wound like family. Mary L. Trump, the niece of President Donald Trump, released a series of audio tapes on MSNBC with his sister Maryanne Trump Barry. In the tapes, both Barry and Mary called out the president as well as his children Ivanka and Eric.

In one audio tape Mary secretly recorded, the 83-year-old retired US federal judge bashed her niece Ivanka. She criticized Ivanka for a 2018 Instagram post of her and her children on the same day the Trump administration announced it was separating migrant children from their families.

“When that d–n Ivanka puts this picture of the Madonna  and child on Instagram when the big news of the day was how kids are being ripped from their families,’ Barry said. “I couldn’t blame – I’d never heard of Samantha Bee before. I couldn’t blame what she said.”

TV show Samantha Bee criticized Ivanka for the photo but later apologized for her profanity-laced insult.

In another clip, Barry called Donald’s son Eric a “moron” and Mary referred to him as a “mini-Donald.”

Barry also criticized Donald Trump for his policies.

In the audio clips, Barry criticized her brother for only caring about his own ambition, as well as his lack of a Christian faith. She said Donald only went to church when he got married or when the cameras were rolling. Barry also bashed the president for dismantling the Obama-era program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Mary inferred that Barry never publicly denounced her brother’s policies because of loyalty to family.

“Well, what he did with the Dreamers I mean,” Barry said. “I am so much in support [of Dreamers]. No, he changed his – but he denies it – I mean, he could deny he changed his mind. He’s all over the line.”

Mary compared the detention centers to “concentration camps.” “[Donald] is blaming the Democrats for it. It is the Democrat’s horrible policy which suggests that he thinks it’s a bad thing and yet he’s allowing it to continue,” she said.

The president dismissed the criticism as ‘fake news.’

Mary published a book in July criticizing her uncle called Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. She first released audio tapes with Barry on Aug. 23, in which Barry called her brother a “liar.” Donald Trump responded to his niece and the audio tapes, dismissing them as “fake news.”

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