Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Hotline Flooded With Prank Calls

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A Donald Trump campaign hotline has been receiving multiple prank calls. The campaign set up the hotline to collect cases of reported voter fraud. But instead, multiple people have called mocking the hotline.

According to ABC News, campaign staff members have been filtering through multiple instances of prank calls. People will call laughing or taunting the campaign about Joe Biden’s victory in the election. The hotline went viral on social media, including TikTok, where users have posted their prank videos.

The campaign set up the hotline to help with their legal efforts to overturn Biden’s victory in the election. For days, the president has claimed massive voter fraud “stole” the election from him.

‘Gravity Falls’ Creator Prank Calls Donald Trump’s Hotline

Alex Hirsch is among those making prank calls to the hotline. Hirsch is the creator behind the popular Disney cartoon Gravity Falls. He used his voice acting talents to prank call the hotline number several times. In one video, which he posted on Twitter, Hirsch said he saw the McDonald’s Hamburglar commit fraud.

“I saw what I believe is a voter fraud situation,’ Hirsch said. ‘So I saw a man. He walked into this building and he was wearing a black hat, black mask, a stripped shirt, a red tie and I believe there were hamburgers in his bag.”

The staff member, realizing it was a prank call, hung up on Hirsch afterward. In another, Hirsch called the hotline while in character as his Gravity Falls creation “Stan Pines.”

“Yeah, so I committed some voter fraud, and I’m very proud of it, and I’d like to tell Mr. Giuliani about,” Hirsch said in a gravelly voice. “I went in there and I had a big ol’ sack, and I just started taking ballots out of the box … I waved to the crowd, I blew them kisses, and I think I’m kind of a local hero, and I’d like Rudy to give me a medal or something.”