Dr. Fauci Announces When He Will Retire

by Jonathan Howard

He’s been the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since the Reagan administration. But Dr. Anthony Fauci does plan on retiring. Eventually. The news comes a little preemptively. The 81-year-old doctor has spent almost 40 years now in his current position. However, don’t plan on seeing him in the next presidential term.

Dr. Fauci says that he plans on retiring, likely, by January 2025. That would be the end of President Joe Biden’s four years. Since January 2021, Fauci had worked with Biden as chief medical adviser on top of his role at NIAID.

Fauci Retirement Plans

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn’t plan on staying much longer as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • He has served in that role since 1984
  • No official plans have been made for retirement but he says he would like to retire soon
  • Fauci likely won’t be back in the next presidential term

Of course, Dr. Fauci has been a very public and known figure ever since the pandemic started in 2020. Since then, he has delivered remarks, messages, and information for Americans. A job that usually involves sitting in the background and quietly doing your job was changed on a dime and Fauci was thrust into the spotlight.

“I have always said that sometime in the reasonable future, I would be stepping down,” Fauci said to NBC News about his job. “Thus sometime between now and then I very likely will step down and move on to the next phase in my professional career, whatever that may be.”

Although there is belief that he will retire in January 2025, there isn’t anything official. The doctor made it clear that, “no decision has been made,” in regards to when he’s going to retire. Still, at his age and after so many years, retirement has to come at some point.

“I do not plan to be in this position forever,” Fauci concluded.

Leaving a Legacy

While he was made the director of NIAID in 1984, his career began 16 years earlier at the institute. During his time, Fauci worked on multiple public health emergencies from HIV/AIDS to Ebola and Zika, and of course, COVID.

The doctor talked to a policy institute in the UK about retirement back in 2020. Then he said, “I hope to be remembered as someone who stuck with the science and made contributions through multiple outbreaks, from HIV up to the most recent now with Covid.”

When he does retire, Fauci will leave quite a legacy over his 50+ years in public health. Throughout 11 different presidential administrations and many decades of service, not many people have the record that Dr. Fauci has.