Drew Brees Puts Jacob Blake on Helmet, Pro Sports Respond

by Halle Ames

New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, supports the Black Lives Matter movement by putting “Jacob Blake” on his helmet during practice on Thursday. 

Brees made headlines earlier this year for speaking out against taking a knee during the national anthem. He has since changed his stance, noting that he didn’t understand the point it was trying to convey. 

How Professional Sports Responded.

Other teams, like the Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, Washington Football Team, and the Indianapolis Colts, canceled their practice on Thursday so players can take time to focus on social justice issues. 

This comes just one day after the Milwaukee Bucks boycott their NBA game due to the shooting of Jacob Blake. In addition, he NBA will be rescheduling three of yesterdays playoff games

Saints head coach, Ron Rivera, defends the choice to have practice. He and team president, Jason Wright, “worked this afternoon to develop a response that has the right balance between the business of football and being truly thoughtful about the social injustice we witnessed with this latest incident in Wisconsin.”

However, not all teams decided to take the day for reflection. NFL teams like the Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, New England Patriots, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to proceed with their regular schedule practice. 

The NHL has also canceled both of its Thursday playoff games.

Who is Jacob Blake?

Jacob Blake is a black man that was shot seven times in the back by Wisconsin police. Video caught the encounter as Blake walks around an SUV, opens a door, and reaches inside. Police yell at Blake to drop the knife, which Blake admits to having.

Protests have sparked regarding the situation, and the Department of Justice is conducting a civil-rights investigation into the shooting. The bullets have paralyzed Jacob Blake from the waist down.