Drudge Report Front Page Trends on Twitter After Donald Trump Denies Having ‘Series of Mini-Strokes’

by Caroline Bynum

The front page of The Drudge Report is trending on Twitter, following Donald Trump’s denial of alleged mini-strokes. The headline reads, “Trump Denies Mini-Stroke Sent Him To Hospital Video: Dragging Right Leg.”

The news aggregation site is a historically politically conservative website run by Matt Drudge. The Drudge Report is particularly known for being the first source to break the Monika Lewinsky scandal, according to the Library of Congress.

During Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, Matt Drudge adamantly backed the now-president, though he has now turned on Trump. According to the Chicago Journalism Report, Drudge began to speak out about the shortcomings of President Trump last summer. Those anti-Trump leanings were strengthened during the impeachment process, and now, his opinion is clearly displayed on the front page of his site.

Now, the Drudge site covers Twitter feeds with comments on its stance on Donald Trump following the president’s stroke rumors.

One verified user simply posted a screenshot of the headline, coupled with just three words, prompting discussion in the comments.

One alluded to Republican Anti-Trump organization, the Lincoln Project, joking it seems Drudge may have joined their movement due to his apparent dislike of Trump.

Another placed two Drudge Report headlines in juxtaposition. The first in 2016 shows Hillary falling, while the second shows a similar video of Trump.

Another user similarly calls out the intense change in Drudge’s opinions, saying “even Matt Drudge admits there’s a strong possibility that Trump has suffered a stroke.” In a similar fashion, verified user Grant Stern tweeted in all caps, “EVEN DRUDGE DOESN”T BELIEVE TRUMP”S DENIALS”

Ben Collins, NBC reporter posted a screenshot of an earlier Drudge Report front page, reading, “Biden: Trump Fans Flames! Has Failed Country.” The reporter calls Drudge’s political shift “remarkable.”