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See How Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman Pays Tribute to Beth Chapman on the First Anniversary of Her Death

by Jacklyn Krol
Duane Dog Chapman Beth Chapman
Darryl Oumi, Getty Images

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman paid tribute to his late wife, Beth Chapman, on the first anniversary of her death on Friday (June 26).

The Chapman family held a private celebration of life for Beth at the South Platte River in Deckers, Colorado. Dog and daughter, Bonnie, filled one of Beth’s rafts with flowers, a picture of her, and one of her signature cowboy hats. Dog’s fiancé, Francie Frane, was also in attendance to give her future husband support. Similarly, the rest of the Chapman family held a public celebration of life in Hawaii.


What Dog Had to Say About Beth

According to The Sun, Dog told the crowd that he still couldn’t believe that Beth was “never coming home.”

Duane revealed that every Father’s Day Beth would raft on that river. “I would always sit here – cold, wet, raining – she always went,” he told the outlet afterward. “Usually the weather stayed fine. But she loved it, we went five or six times.”

“In a lot of religions and a lot of beliefs, they mark it as a tradition on the one year date that someone has passed away,” he said of the anniversary. “So sticking with tradition, we are having this memorial for Beth Chapman. We had two send-offs when she passed away, one in Hawaii and one in Colorado.”


Dog’s other daughter, Cecily, held a celebration of life in Hawaii for friends, family, and fans. “They all paddle out and she said a thousand or more people showed up,” Dog said of the earlier event.

Cecily thanked everyone who attended the event on her social media accounts. “Thank you to everyone that participated in all of yesterday’s events I had a great day filled with love for my mom,” she wrote on Instagram. “I wasn’t sad, I was happy to see how many people truly love you [Beth Chapman].”

Fans who couldn’t make either memorial honored Beth in their own way. Subsequently, people spent the day in nature and shared their adventures on social media with the hashtag, #ForTheLoveofBeth.

H/T The Sun