Duck Dynasty: Could Willie Robertson Be Returning to Television?

by Hunter Miller

Duck Dynasty fans may be seeing more of the Robertsons on T.V. in the future. Al Robertson, the eldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, suspects that his younger brother Willie will likely return to television.

While speaking with Fox News, Al spoke about Willie getting in front of the cameras again. “I jokingly tell Willie, you’ve never met a camera you didn’t like and he laughed and it’s true,” he said. “So I’m almost sure there’ll be T.V. in the future for some aspects of us.”

Duck Dynasty premiered in March of 2012 on A&E. The unscripted series is one of the most-watched shows in T.V. history. Over the course of 11 seasons, the Robertsons filmed more than 130 episodes. However, they called it quits in 2017.

The Robertsons aren’t filming Duck Dynasty anymore, but the family remains dedicated to connecting with their fans. Currently, Al and his brother Jase are hosting a podcast, “Unashamed with Phil Robertson,” along with their father. “People who watched the show have kind of been looking for reconnection with the family and so it’s a way for them to do that,” Al said.

Al explains what he believes makes the podcast appealing to the fans. “It has really resonated with a lot of people because… it’s kinda like a Bible study, Robertson-style, which we’ve done our whole lives,” he said. “It’s very unchurch-like because it’s like a big Bible study, but we’re telling funny stories.”

Duck Dynasty gave the Robertsons a bigger platform than ever, according to Al. “We’re just kind of built-in to try to serve people and make connections with people,” he said. “So I think that was always there even before Duck Dynasty, and the success of it just exposed us to a lot more people.”

For those hoping to watch or re-watch Duck Dynasty, all 11 seasons are streaming on Fox Nation. Learn more here.

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