Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Speaks Out on the People He Will ‘Never Vote For’

by Outsider

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is being especially vocal about the people he will “never” vote for.

“Vote for leaders who will protect capitalism, the system that best allows people to direct their money,” said Robertson, He cautioned against voting for any Marxists and Marxism as well. Phil Robertson isn’t interested in speaking with or voting for either group.

He believes that Marxists are the “democrat party” who “don’t like” other groups of people. The Duck Dynasty star explained.

“Vote for leaders who seek to preserve gun rights,” said Robertson. “Lose the ability to protect yourself and you’re done. Love always protects, but if there are 30 people converging on your neighbor’s house and they’re all cursing, with torches and ways to set fire and they’re in your yard, I won’t let them do this.”

“We’re gonna save the planet,” they say. “Nonsense. God made it, and he said ‘I’m going to destroy it.”

Phil Robertson shares what’s on his mind again

Phil Robertson is always comfortable taking to YouTube to share his thoughts on a variety of topics. Recently, he posted a video where he showed off the “real” Phil Robertson in response to critics.

Robertson meant to silence critics with the video. He delved into why he first got into reality TV in the first place.

Initially, he was taken aback when A&E gave him an offer to put the Robertsons’ life on television. In other words, Phil Robertson had questions.

“I’m like, you’re going to put this on television? People are going to watch it?”

Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family also routinely discuss current events and their faith on their Unashamed podcast. Looking to get your fill of Robertson and his unique opinions? The podcast is updated regularly.

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