‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Reveals Gorgeous Beach Photo: ‘God’s Playground’

by Hunter Miller

Sadie Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, are soaking up the sun on a beach vacation. The “Duck Dynasty” star took to Instagram to post a gorgeous pic from the trip.

“Just two kids on Gods play ground,” the 23-year-old A&E star captioned the snap. The picture shows Sadie and Christian on a beachfront swing set with blue skies and clear waters behind them.


The “Live: Remain Alive” author and Huff wed in November. Since tying the knot, the couple has been open about their relationship. “When I met Christian, his love is so sweet and so kind and so grace-filled that the times that I would be hard on myself, I would see the grace and the love he would extend to me and be like, wow, that’s real love, and that’s really a powerful thing,” Sadie told Fox News back in March.

She continued by adding: “And, I’ve watched myself really walk away from that self-doubt and walk into a true confidence, because just the way that he affirms me and I look at that relationship and think about that love and that’s me and Christian, that’s human. And then, I think about what is God’s perfect love? Wow, that’s overwhelming.”

Last month, Robertson shared kind words about her husband in a birthday tribute. “A year ago from today I called you my FIANCÉ for the first time and it felt so strange. Wild how one year has gone by and husband is the most natural thing to call you. You are my better half,” she wrote. “Can’t wait to see you at 82 old man, sitting beside you in a rocking chair talking about what we are reading while I drink only half my matcha and you sing ‘and another matcha bites the dust’!”

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