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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Posts Wild Video of When ‘Bats Invade My House’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Jase Robertson posted a video that showed an insane scene unfolding in his house recently. The Duck Dynasty star showed his home filled with bats.

He says in the Instagram video, he believes they came in through the chimney. Jase braved the scene again even after he’d been attacked the first time he’d gone near them. But he wasn’t going in unprepared this time. He included a photo of his bat-fighting gear, which included a fishing net and a blanket wrapped around his head.

“Phil says I never run out of stories on the Unashamed podcast. He often wonders aloud if I’m telling the truth. Here’s proof of a couple of my experiences: bats invade my house and @missyduckwife’s cousin delivers his wife’s baby (with the help of a drill bit!). Both incidents ended in victory. Bats are gone, and baby River Nell is healthy! #BehindTheScenes,” he posted.

The Duck Dynasty brother told the story about how his wife’s cousin helped deliver a baby with a drill bill on the Unashamed Podcast. The cousin and his wife couple decided to have a home birth last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The plan was to use a midwife, but his wife went into labor before the midwife could make it to their home. So, she had to walk him through the birthing process over the phone.

Everything went OK, but the baby was an en caul birth. It’s a rare condition where the baby is born still inside the amniotic fluid — the water doesn’t break. The doctor — or in this case, the cousin — has to bust the amniotic sac. But all he had was a drill bit. Baby, mom, and dad are all well, Jase reported.

Jase Robertson Preparing to Become a Grandpa

Hopefully, things will go easier for Jase Robertson’s son Reed, who recently announced his wife, Brighton, was pregnant.

Jase posted a photo of the young couple holding a sonogram of his future granddaughter to Instagram.

@missyduckwife and I are about to enter a whole new phase of life, and I’m trying to wrap my head around it. Grandparents??? Kinda pumped,” The Duck Dynasty star wrote.

Reed and Brighton married in 2016. Jase’s wife Missy was incredibly excited about the news. So much so that she almost told everyone herself, but somehow she managed to keep it a secret until they announced it.

“I’ve been about to burst with this news! Yayayayayay!!! Y’all are going to be awesome parents to my grandbaby!! We love y’all so much!” she commented on Brighton’s post.

Reed’s daughter just adds to the growing Robertson clan. Sadie Robertson Huff had a baby girl named Honey recently. Her brother, John Luke, and his wife gave birth to a girl named Ella late last year. And their baby sister Bella Robertson got married recently.