Duck Dynasty’s Al Robertson Claims Twitter is ‘Totally in the Tank for Biden’

by Matthew Wilson

Duck Dynasty‘s Al Robertson has accused Twitter of deleting one of his tweets. He said the social media platform stopped him from retweeting one of actor James Woods’ tweets.

Robertson said the tweet allegedly shows a Joe Biden staff member retrieving a laptop from Biden’s podium after the final presidential debate on Oct. 22. Now the Duck Dynasty star is accusing Twitter of being pro-Biden.

“When I tried to retweet [James Wood’s] tweet of the video of Biden staffer retrieving a laptop from his debate podium, the instantly deleted the tweet. [Twitter] is totally in the tank for Biden. I’ll be looking for it on [Parler].”

Parler is a social media platform that launched in 2018. According to CNET, Parler has become an alternative to Twitter for both conservatives and Donald Trump supporters.

Likewise, Woods has accused Twitter of tampering with his tweets. In a pinned post, Woods said Twitter stopped him from posting a screen-grab of Biden’s son allegedly using drugs and interacting with a prostitute. Hunter has quickly become a focal point in the final leg of the campaign race. Trump has accused Hunter of receiving a $3 million bribe from a Russian official on his father’s behalf.

In the tweet, Woods wrote, “Twitter is desperate to protect Hunter Biden. They just locked me out for showing a video screengrab…I was willing to delete it, only because I know they’re not gonna stop the tsunami that’s coming.”

Twitter Came Underfire For Blocking a New York Post Article

According to BBC, Twitter prevented users from sharing a New York Post article that commented on Biden’s son Hunter. The article contained screenshots of emails allegedly on Hunter’s laptop as well as photos of Hunter. The laptop had been dropped off for repairs by Hunter but never picked up, according to the outlet.

Initially, Twitter said the story, given its nature, violated the platform’s Hacked Materials policy. But after an outcry of censorship accusations, the social media platform changed its policies allowing the post to be visible.

Mark Grabowski, an associate professor specializing in cyber law and digital ethics, spoke about the concerns of digital censorship. He told the Utah-based Deseret News the censorship seemed to be one-sided in favor of Biden.

“Do we really want Facebook and Twitter serving as an editor for American media and journalism, deciding what information is suitable for the public?” Grabowski said. He admitted he didn’t know whether the Post claims were true. “I certainly don’t.”