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Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Opens up About Daughter Sadie’s COVID-19 Battle While Pregnant

by Hunter Miller
(Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images)

Korie Robertson is sharing an update on her daughter Sadie Robertson Huff’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis. According to the Duck Dynasty star, Sadie has had a rough go of it with the virus.

On Monday, Korie, 47, took to Instagram to share a screenshot photo taken from a recent FaceTime chat with Sadie. She used the caption to address her daughter’s health.

Korie Robertson on Sadie’s COVID-19 Struggle

“In case you haven’t yet seen @legitsadierob post, yes we’ve had Covid-19, and yes it’s been rough!” Korie writes. “Thankfully, we are feeling better and honestly we weren’t sure about whether or not to tell the world about this.”

The mother of five then adds that her family hopes they can help others by opening up about the coronavirus. “Feels strange to announce that you’re sick when there are so many around the world are suffering with so much right now,” she writes.

“But we’ve always been really open about our life with you and have always appreciated your kind words and prayers for our family,” Korie continued. “Also we all agreed that if there was a way that we could help others by talking about it then it’s worth it to do it.”

Korie Robertson then explained that she and two of her daughters, Sadie and Bella Robertson, all experienced the virus. She revealed that the three of them plan to speak out soon on their battles with COVID-19 in a podcast.

“We aren’t medical professionals, but we’ve had a crash course in this disease over this last month and feel like we have some things to share that could help others, and it’s definitely too much to put it [in] a post,” Korie writes.

Earlier on Monday, Sadie Robertson Huff shared her COVID-19 diagnosis on social media. She also offered an update on how the illness affected her unborn child, which she’s referring to as “Baby Huff.”