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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Implores Americans to Continue Praying for Donald Trump

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Phil Robertson implored his Instagram followers to pray for Donald Trump and America. The Duck Dynasty patriarch posted a screenshot from his Parler account asking for divine guidance.

“Continue to pray with me for our country and President Donald J. Trump,” Robertson wrote.

His followers said they would oblige.

“Continuing to pray for Godly wisdom for him and his team and all that comes in his path that he overcome mightly with Jesus Christ leading every step. To hear that still small voice and be ahead of everything that tries to thwart Gods plan for the US defeat the enemies plans for the US drain the swamp and heal this land,” one person posted.

“My whole family just prayed at 5. Me and my kids hit our knees,” another person wrote. “Praying praying praying,” one post read.

Though not everyone in his replies was in agreement.

“If a lying tongue is an abomination unto the Lord, why are evangelical Christians backing Donald Trump? If people believe that everything is written and will come to pass, then why do churches take so much effort into making sure that a certain political party gets put into office when it is believed that the word of God cannot be altered? And also, would Jesus be happy with children being ripped from their parents and kept in cages at the border, which was part of Trump’s political agenda? Doesn’t this contradict with the right to life? What would Jesus do? Not here to argue,” one person questioned.

Robertson also recently posted his personal prayer for America.