Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Reveals How He Will ‘Approach Voting’

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is being vocal once again about how he will approach the 2020 election.

Robertson posted a photo to Instagram of him holding a bible. In his post, he says he will “best support the policies that align with the kingdom of heaven.”

“The way I approach voting is the same way I approach everything: I check it out with the Almighty first,” Robertson wrote in a post on Instagram. “I listen to the politicians, and then I listen to God to see if they’re saying the same thing.

“I’m not what they call a ‘single-issue’ voter, but I’ll tell you one thing I know: If we aren’t willing to defend one group’s God-given right to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,’ no one is safe. Today it’s the unborn, tomorrow it’s people over 65, people who drive pickups, or people with disabilities. No one is safe in a country that will not only accept but celebrate the ‘right’ to kill the unborn.

Robertson continues.

“No apologies, no backing down. On Election Day, I will vote for life. I will vote for Jesus Politics. I’ll be with Donald Trump when I cast my ballot. He’s been a pretty good friend to the unborn.”

Phil Robertson Speaks Out on the People He Will ‘Never Vote For’

Robertson has been vocal in the past about the leaders he is willing to support, and more specifically, the ones he is not.

“Vote for leaders who will protect capitalism, the system that best allows people to direct their money,” said Robertson, He cautioned against voting for any Marxists and Marxism as well. Phil Robertson isn’t interested in speaking with or voting for either group.

He believes that Marxists are the “democrat party” who “don’t like” other groups of people. The Duck Dynasty star explained.

“Vote for leaders who seek to preserve gun rights,” said Robertson. “Lose the ability to protect yourself and you’re done. Love always protects, but if there are 30 people converging on your neighbor’s house and they’re all cursing, with torches and ways to set fire and they’re in your yard, I won’t let them do this.”

“We’re gonna save the planet,” they say. “Nonsense. God made it, and he said ‘I’m going to destroy it.'”