Dying Dog Tries McDonald’s Cheeseburger for the First Time: WATCH

by Taylor Cunningham
Connor Tate / EyeEm

A dying dog enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame after her owner capture her last day alive for a heartbreaking TikTok clip.

Two months ago, Emmie Nielsen, a 23-year-old from London, England, got bad news. Her Staffordshire bull terrier mix, Molly, had cancer, and it was incurable. Molly’s vet said the dog would eventually need to be put down.

Nielsen kept Molly alive as long as she could, but the time finally came for the two to say goodbye. So for Molly’s final day, Nielsen took her to all of her favorite places, including Mcdonald’s, the pet store, and the park.

You can watch the video below. But if you’re a dog lover, prepare yourself for some waterworks.

With Get You The Moon playing in the background, the weak 12-year-old dog wags her tail as she scarfs a hamburger, picks out a treat, rolls in the grass, and says goodbye to her four-legged friends.

As the video ends, it shows Molly resting under a tree to signify where Neilson placed her for her “final stop.”

The video now has over 23k comments from devastated followers who consoled Neilsen and mentioned how happy Molly looked and how loved she must have been in life.

“As sad as this is, that doggo had a happy life, you can see it [especially] at the pet store,” one person wrote.

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” another person shared. “Molly was a beautiful girly, was clearly very loved & had a great last day doing her favorite things with her family.”

The Dog Suffered From Bone Cancer that Spread Throughout her Body

After the video went viral, Emmie Neilsen spoke with The Mirror and gave a deeper look into that bittersweet day.

“First we went to McDonald’s for her first and last cheeseburger and McFlurry,” she told the publication. “Then we took her for a drive to Pets at Home to get some attention from strangers and choose her last treat. She loved it.”

Neilsen further explained that got Molly when the dog was just a puppy. Molly was the “most loving, loyal baby” who was gentle with everyone. Along with everything she did in the video, her favorite pastimes were chewing on everything in sight and cuddling.

Molly’s cancer came on slowly. It started with a few painless lumps. And eventually, they spread throughout her body. A more recent video explained that she had bone cancer that had moved into her spine, neck, and lungs. When that happened, the vet said there was nothing they could do to save the dog.

Over 3 million people have watched Molly enjoy her last day.  

“What a beautiful baby!” another TikToker added. “May she rest in peace! thank u for sharing. all dog owners hold them tight and love them even more while our angels r here!”