Eagle Scout Teen Refurbishes American Flag at Local California Park

by Halle Ames

One Eagle Scout is giving back to the community by refurbishing an American flag memorial at a local California park.

For Memorial Day, 17-year-old Eagle Scout Christian Juvet decided he wanted to honor veterans this year in a big way. For months, Juvet has been restoring a massive concrete American flag in his local California park for his Eagle Scout project, reports Fox News.

The idea for the project came after the Eagle Scout noticed the sizable flag in “disarray, had graffiti on it, skid marks, all sorts of dirt and gunk on it.”

After looking into the history of the memorial, Juvet found that it was to honor veterans. What better time to fix it up than Memorial Day.

“I did some research and found out the historical significance of it and that it was actually made during World War II to honor veterans,” Juvet told the news outlet on Saturday.

Patriotic Eagle Scout Gives Back to Community

Christian Juvet wasn’t the only one willing to restore the American flag memorial. Other scouts from Troop 95 joined his efforts. Together, the group got to work fixing up the meaningful site.

It wasn’t an easy job, however. Juvet recalls all the labor involved in refurbishing the flag.

“That really motivated me to give back to the community,” the Eagle Scout said. “What my project entailed was sanding down the flag then painting it to give it vibrance so that the community can hold on to it.”

Mark Standriff, the director of Beautify Fresno, also aided Juvet on the project’s restoration. He spoke to Fox 26 about how generously the Eagle Scout offered his help. It was an offer Standriff could not refuse.

“Just to have this young man come along and not only offer to do this for the city but frankly for the community,” Standriff explained. “We said absolutely.”

Social media users also applauded the young man for his patriotic efforts.

“As an aunt to four Eagles, this makes me very proud! God bless this young man, and thank you! ❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸✝️” says one person, while another said, “Thank you. Just thank you.”

According to the Fresno Bee, Steve Norri and Dennis Ferguson are the creators of the veteran’s tribute memorial. They installed stars on a concrete American flag in the southeast corner of Roeding Park. The area was planted in flowers, but the city decided to establish a more permanent structure. It was finished for the Fourth of July in 2007.