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Eastern US Could Receive Up To 18 Inches of Snow in Winter Storm

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

If you live in the eastern United States, well, get ready for winter. A winter storm is headed this way along with up to a foot and a half of snow.

Some places in the southeast and a little further north got a winter welcoming last night. The rest of the eastern half of the country is going to get some throughout Monday. There are roughly half a million homes that are already without power in the southeast. So, that could be what the rest of us have to look forward to.

Right now, according to the NY Post, there are areas that are looking like they will be hit the hardest. Washington D.C. already has experienced some snowfall and that is going to continue. Virginia and Maryland will be hit with 6 to 10 inches or more of snow. Delaware and New Jersey are expected to get quite the precipitation.

The winter storm is set to cover the region in a white layer of snow. That means roads and highways will be impacted. The southeast got a glimpse of what is to come. Snow along with high winds brought down trees and power lines leading to power outages.

In New Jersey, there could be 50MPH wind gusts, which is consistent with the storms that hit North Carolina along with Georgia and others.

Southeast Getting Hit Again, NYC Avoids Snow

The eastern United States is in for quite a day and night of winter storms. Including the southeast that was impacted already Sunday night. Thankfully, for those living a little further north than southern New Jersey, they should be alright. It seems that the snow is going to barely go as far as New York City. Connecticut is also expected to miss out on the snow accumulation.

However, there are plenty of other places in the region that will be affected. Long Island, including Montauk, and down to Philadelphia will receive one to three inches of snow. Officials in NYC just want folks to be a little more careful while commuting. If there is snowfall, always be careful and drive a little slower than usual.

This storm is going to go up throughout the southeast and to New Jersey. So, as the storm goes through Alabama and Tennessee, it will move to Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, into West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. Already there have been traffic issues amidst the winter storm.

Winter Storm Could Affect Travel

One of the other consequences of the winter storm will be travel issues. It isn’t just commuters that are going to need to adjust their schedules and be more careful. Those that have yet to return home from holiday breaks and things will need to brace themselves. If you planned on leaving now, then you might have picked the wrong day.

So many flights have already been canceled this holiday season. According to Nicole LoBiondo, meteorologist, those traveling south of Philly and Baltimore should be “very cautious,” traveling amid the winter storm.