Eddie Marsan Shades Co-Star Jon Voight in Strongly-Worded Political Message

by Kayla Zadel

It seems like Eddie Marsan has finally had enough of Jon Voight’s support of President Trump. The British actor takes a dig at his fellow Ray Donovan co-star on Twitter.

Eddie Marsan seems to have had enough of listening to Jon Voight’s undying support of President Trump. Marsan shares this message on Twitter with a photo of the two during a taping of the TV show.

“Hey America, I know this is the most important election ever & the survival of your democratic institutions and the soul of America is at stake but…can we just take it back to me for a second. Please vote for Joe Biden, I can’t spend another 4 years listening to this bulls–t.”

Others in the film industry are sharing their support. Fellow Britain and director/producer chimes in with a message, following film writer Norm Wilner.

Actor Michael McKean’s also sharing his opinion. He says, “Subtweet with a visual hint.”

The visual hint pairs perfectly with Marsan’s tweet. He’s slumped over with a couple of bottles of whiskey on the table. It seems like he’s had enough of Voight droning on about his support for President Trump.

However, back in 2018 Marsan shared a tweet that said, “Jon Voight is a friend of mine and a colleague of many years who I happen to disagree with politically.” Perhaps listening to an additional two years of Voight profess his love for Trump had been enough.

Jon Voight Speaks Out on His Support for President Trump

Legendary actor Jon Voight uses his Twitter account to endorse President Trump more than once. In this video he shows his support by taking aim at Joe Bidden.

In the video he calls Joe Bidden “evil,” hence the caption written by the Academy Award winner. Voight feels that reelecting President Trump is the more promising decision for the US.