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Edward Norton Fires Off Rant at Donald Trump, Social Media Goes Wild

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Palm Springs International Film Festival

After actor Edward Norton’s intense Twitter rant about Donald Trump yesterday, social media users continue to respond to the issues he presented.

Norton called out Trump for failing to concede peacefully because of his “desperate endgame which is to create enough chaos & anxiety about peaceful transfer of power.”

The actor also said that by not calling the election he is “threatening our democracy” and that he is “whiny, sulky, petulant, Grinchy.”

Norton’s final message and call-to-action for those reading his thread were to: “Call. His. Bluff. Faith in the strength of our sacred institutions & founding principles is severely stretched…but they will hold. They will. He’s leaving, gracelessly & in infamy. But if we trade for it, give him some brokered settlement, we’ll be vulnerable to his return. We can’t flinch.”

After urging people to stand up and call out this behavior as treacherous and dangerous, how did social media react?

Agreeing with Norton

Many fans have been in strong agreeance with Norton. They are part of the population urging Trump to concede or at least say he has lost the election. Late the night of the election, Trump tweeted saying that he had won the election and has failed to say otherwise since.

One user specifically pulled her favorite passage from Norton in absolute glee.

Norton’s fans not only supported his claims but had a lot of respect for his ability to get it across so well. Especially his extended metaphor of a failed poker hand.

Disagreeing with Norton

The biggest basis for social media users to disagree is that some still believe that the President-Elect Joe Biden did not win the election. They are waiting for recounts to happen in fear that the election was somehow “rigged.”

One user said that it is hypocritical to respond to Trump not conceding in this way. This person compares the situation to Al Gore’s attempt at presidency.

Someone else called out Norton for voicing his opinion despite not having credentials beyond being an actor. Many celebrities use their voices and platforms to speak about political issues, but many disagree with this practice.

Celebrities Take to Social Media

Norton tuned in to discuss post-election frustration, he was not the only celebrity to use their platform to talk about the madness of the election.

Many made jokes about the situation while others, like Norton, took it as an opportunity to have a serious discussion.

Halsey, a pop singer, expressed her frustration with the idea that certain states needed to “stop counting.” This was a viral conversation around the country and hashtags centered around the phrase “don’t stop counting” or “count every vote.” Now, this is still a continued discussion as some Republicans feel that there were illegal votes being counted after the election.

Chrissy Teigen humorously tweeted her fears if Biden were to lose the election.

Other celebrities such as actor Scott Baio have expressed their continued support for Trump. Even after losing the 2020 election, he holds onto hope.