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Eight Air Tankers Tasked To California Valley Fire

by Outsider
California Wildfires
(Photo by Terray Sylvester/Getty Images)

As the California Valley Fires rage on, there have been multiple efforts to keep the inferno from spreading.

The Valley Fire disaster currently has eight air tankers working to mitigate the damage. They spend much of their time dropping flame retardant on the fires that still burn. A new video taken on September 6 near Alpine reveals what can be an intriguing sight.

As of September 7, emergency works had only contained around 3 percent of the fire according to The Sacramento Bee. By then, the fire had grown to include a whopping 17,300 acres.

California continues to deal with deadly wildfires

Fires have been tearing through California. A blaze that started following a gender reveal party has only added to the disasters. It ignited the El Dorado fire and burned through around 7,000 acres thus far. Around 3,000 residents have had to evacuate.

The fires have forced firefighters into action, working nearly 24-hours shifts. Big Basin Redwoods State Park closed to visitors, as it was damaged so badly it’s a hazard for anyone to walk through. The disastrous fires have forced many out of their homes. Wildlife is also negatively impacted. The sky burns a bright orange while those in the area must decide if they want to take a chance and stay.

Citizens of California continue to battle excessive amounts of smoke. There doesn’t appear to be an end in sight for the wildfires. However, workers are doing their best to find some sort of way to quell the fires the best they can. Hundreds of fires have sprang up in the area since mid-August 2020. Not all stemmed from wildfires but caused extreme amounts of damage just the same.

It isn’t clear how California will end up getting through this, but the state is quite resilient. With enough of a push, the blazes will eventually be extinguished. Right now, however, the state is pulling together to ensure its residents’ safety.