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Eight-Year-Old Rhode Island Boy Receives Incredible Halloween Costume to Fit Wheelchair

by Quentin Blount
While The Netherlands is in a partial lockdown, and even if the children will not be allowed to be out gathering candy on Halloween, people still keep getting ready to celebrate Halloween, during the night of October 31st, 2020. (Photo by Romy Arroyo Fernandez/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A young boy from Rhode Island was surprised with perhaps the best Halloween costume of the season.

Eight-year-old Max has muscular dystrophy, a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Over the weekend, he was the beneficiary of a surprise costume for his wheelchair.

“We did a double take when a costume request came in and said ‘Stinky!'” Magic Wheelchair wrote in an Instagram post.

Bonnie Regan, a volunteer with Magic Wheelchair, made Max’s new costume. The custom-made costume is a model of one of his favorite television characters. That character is Stinky the garbage truck from “The Stinky & Dirty Show.”

The costume comes completely kitted out with real headlights and acrylic eyes.

Regan paid Max a visit for the big reveal and was able to help him get into his new costume. The nonprofit Magic Wheelchair funded the entire project.

“Our mission is to bring communities together to create unforgettable moments for children around the world by transforming their wheelchairs into magic,” reads a statement on Magic Wheelchair’s website.

“Just like Stinky and Dirty, Max and Bonnie make a great team!” the nonprofit organization said. “She didn’t just build the cutest garbage truck wheelchair costume ever, she also added real headlights and acrylic eyes!”

Founder of Magic Wheelchair Gives Thanks

Meanwhile, Ryan Weimer of Kaizer, Oregon, is the founder of Magic Wheelchair. Upon receiving recognition for the wheelchair costumes he made for his two sons who have spinal muscular atrophy, Weimer got the inspiration to launch the nonprofit. He says that his company is grateful to Bonnie for creating Max’s custom wheel chair and to Amazon Prime for helping “make these unforgettable memories.”

“As an organization that promotes inclusion and self-expression for children with disabilities, we were thrilled to have Amazon Prime help us bring to life Max’s Magic Wheelchair idea from his favorite show,” Christine Getman, Magic Wheelchair Executive Director, told “GMA.” “We’re so grateful to Bonnie, Max’s Magic Wheelchair Builder, and Amazon Prime for helping make these unforgettable memories.”

It’s certain that Halloween will unquestionably look a little different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Max will still be sporting one of the coolest Halloween costumes of the year.