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Elderly Couple Believed to Be Victims in Thanksgiving Train Crash

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Getty Images

What should have been a day of celebration and giving thanks ended up a tragedy for one family. New details have emerged regarding the deadly Thanksgiving train crash. As previously reported, the wreck happened Thursday afternoon.

Only two people reportedly died when their car collided with a slow-moving freight train. The couple was driving in Miami County, Kansas when the accident occurred. Now, local officials have more details about the deadly crash and who they believe are the deceased victims.

The train crash happened around 6:30 p.m. According to local outlet KCTV, authorities believe the victims were an elderly couple. Although they’re not releasing names at this time, authorities did reveal new details about the couple. They believe that the couple was older in age and had been celebrating the holidays with their family.

Reportedly, the couple was traveling home from Thanksgiving dinner when the crash occurred. The train hit the couple’s vehicle dragging it a “considerable distance” along the tracks. The train tried to stop, but the damage was done. The vehicle caught fire soon after.

Family in Mourning Following the Crash

According to the outlet, the couple reportedly lived in the Kansas City metro area. Given the busy time of the year, traffic accidents are at a higher risk. AAA estimated a total of 53.4 million Americans are traveling during the holidays. The couple also reportedly had an adult son as well. He showed up at the scene of the accident and has communicated with authorities regarding his parents.

“This is an emotional call for anybody involved in this,” said Capt. Matthew Kelly with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office said, according to KCTV. “Not just for the family but also for us on scene. Nobody wants to go to these calls. These are very traumatic for anybody involved. Anybody that has anything to do with this. I think it makes it even more traumatic on a holiday like this.”

New details will come to light as the investigation continues. Authorities are still working to confirm the couple’s identities in an official capacity. Authorities will check the crossing’s railways and lights to determine if they were functioning properly at the time of the train crash.

The crash brings to mind the deadly Amtrak crash that occurred earlier this year. That crash occurred back in September in Montana. The Amtrak train derailed while traveling from Chicago to Seattle. In total, the transportation was carrying 141 passengers and 16 crew members.

As a result of the crash, at least three were killed and dozens injured. That crash was on a much larger scale but any loss of life is a tragic occasion. Outsider will keep you updated with the latest.