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Elderly Kentucky Couple Married 56 Years Dies Holding Hands in Tornado

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

A tornado in Kentucky claimed the lives of two eternal lovebirds last week. Billy and Judy Miller of Muhlenberg County passed away while holding hands. There were 11 victims total in the area.

Family of the Miller’s tried to reach them after the tornado subsided but got no response. They only lived a few miles from their children and grandchildren. Sadly, the elderly couple had already passed in their home.

The tornado left their house in shambles. Family tried to search through the rubble for any mementos, but nearly everything had been destroyed or blown away. So far, the family has only found four photographs and Billy’s uniform jacket from the Marines. It was covered in mud but still served as a reminder of the sacrifice he had made for his country and his family. Their granddaughter, Serenity Miller, reminisced on how proud they both were of his jacket, according to the Daily Mail.

The community has been moved by Billy and Judy’s story and testament of love. A dry cleaner in a nearby town offered to clean the Marine uniform jacket for free. Nearby residents are searching for any photos that might have ended up around them after the storm.

Together ‘Til the End

Billy and Judy got married quickly in 1966 before Billy went to Vietnam. They were married for a total of 56 years. For their 50-year anniversary, they decided to renew their vows. They had the wedding of their dreams, with the added bonus of spending it with the family they had created.

Billy and Judy had highs and lows like any married couple, but their love and dedication to one another got them through everything. They had two children, Billy Miller Jr. and Heather Miller Brooks. They lost both children. Family says that the loss made their bond even deeper and unbreakable. Their granddaughter goes on to say, “Their love was so deep for each other, we knew they wouldn’t be able to survive without each other.”

Vigil Held For Candle Factory Tornado Victims

A candle factory was collapsed during the devastating tornadoes that took place last week. There were over 100 employees in the factory during the tornado. Eight workers have been found dead.

Candle factory survivors joined together in a vigil for their fallen and missing co-workers. Scarlett Sears, a factory worker attending the vigil, said, “It’s great for the ones that made it but heartbreaking for everything else, Mayfield, MCP, all of it, heartbreaking.”

Employees were reportedly not allowed to leave the factory during the tornado. At first, they were not allowed to leave due to a company safety protocol. As conditions worsened, they were not allowed to leave unless they were okay with being fired.

The company has since denied those claims, but many employees are speaking out with similar experiences.