Elderly Ukrainian Couple Stand Up to Russian Soldiers on Their Property: VIDEO

by Amy Myers

An unarmed Ukrainian couple showed immense bravery when several Russian soldiers broke through the gates of their property. In a clip that the U.S. Embassy shared, three uniformed soldiers entered a residential property. Once they were out of view from the first camera, you can hear a loud gunshot. It’s unclear if or where the soldiers shot, but it appears that no one in the video was harmed.

Then the video cuts to a camera further in the property. As the soldiers continue, the “elderly” civilians approached the armed soldiers without a hint of fear or hesitancy. The group shouted back and forth at each other for a few moments, but the conversation never escalated to physical violence. Soon enough, they were ushering the trespassers back through the way they came. Then they secured the gate once again and went back into their house. All the while, the couple’s dogs barked at the soldiers, perhaps warning them, too, that they were not welcome.

Since the Embassy has released the clip, the two Ukrainians have earned plenty of well-deserved praise from around the world. “#UkrainianHeroes,” the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine tweeted Friday. The remainder of their message translated to: “Today we salute this elderly couple, who stood up to three Russian soldiers.”

Ukraine media confirmed that the exchange took place in Mykolayiv Oblast, about 80 miles east of Odesa located in the southern region of the nation.

Public Responds to Video of Ukrainian Couple Standing up to Russian Soldiers

In response to the U.S. Embassy’s praise, another viewer added, “Also Kudos to the soldiers for showing restraint. There is hope for humanity. There are stories like this in every war.”

It’s true that the Russian soldiers could have used deadly force at that moment, but whatever the two Ukrainian civilians said to them deterred them from doing so.

Others on Twitter shared their support for the Ukrainian couple as well. “That was ballsy, 2 unarmed civilians vs 4 armed russians,” one person said. “This is why UKRAINE will not fall to Russia, even their 70 year olds are hardcore,” shared another.

U.S. Officials Express Support for Ukrainians

Of course, this is only one of the many instances of Ukrainians resisting the Russian invasion. Like the couple in the video, many other Ukrainians have bravely stood up to the soldiers that continue to march through their country.

And in response, the U.S. has continued to express its support. Previously, a week into Vladimir Putin’s invasion, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby spoke to the country’s willingness to fight back against the Russian troops.

“The Ukrainians have also retained a lot of their combat power,” Kirby said during a news briefing. “And they’re fighting back. They’re fighting back bravely.”