Elderly Woman Requires Foot Amputation After Vicious Dog Attack

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Alejandra Villa Loarca/Newsday RM via Getty Images)

An elderly North Carolina couple suffered a vicious dog attack at the hands of a pit bull. While both fortunately survived the incident, both suffered bad injuries. The woman’s injuries are so severe that one of her feet has to be amputated.

Bobby Joyner, 82, and Annie Joyner, 78, were attacked Sunday by their neighbor’s 100-pound dog. The incident occurred on Nelson Street in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, WRAL reported.

A police officer who responded fired her gun twice. One bullet struck the animal. The dog then also bit the police officer in the thigh, according to the report. She was treated at a local hospital and released.

Julie Proctor owns the property where the attack happened. She said the dog, named Cosmo, belonged to her grandson. She told the news outlet that the pet had been euthanized.

Proctor was cited for violating a city ordinance for an at-large/unrestrained animal. She was cited because the dog was running loose, officials told CBS 17.

Meanwhile, the Joyners are recovering at ECU Nash Healthcare. Annie suffered the most severe injuries, one of which requires an amputation of a foot, the family told WRAL. She will have to receive skin grafts on the other foot.

Bobby returned home Monday after undergoing surgery on his hands and arm, CBS 17 reported.

“I heard my wife hollerin’, so I looked out and the dog had … [Ann] was laying on the ground, and he had already chewed on her foot. It was just terrible,” the husband told the station.

The couple’s daughter, Melissa Joyner, told WRAL that she was “kind of still in shock” over the attack.

Elderly Couple’s Daughter Calls Out Owners After Dog Attack

“When it was time for my mom to go to surgery, the nurse who was helping my dad asked him if he wanted to go see his sweetheart, and he said, ‘Yeah, I do,’” Melissa said.

The daughter called for people to be responsible pet owners, blaming the owner for the situation.

“I mean, I have dogs, too, and we love dogs. So, in our eyes, it’s really not the dog’s fault. The owner needed to be more responsible,” Melissa told WRAL.

Proctor insisted that Cosmo had been leashed and harnessed in her yard.

“He backed out of the harness somehow. I guess the adrenaline in him,” she told the station. “That’s why they think he was not on his harness, but he was.”

“Being a pit bull, he was just very protective of his property and people, and I hate it more than anybody that it happened,” Proctor said.

“I’ve had nightmares all night. I haven’t slept because I witnessed the whole attack,” she told CBS 17. “I screamed, I screamed, I screamed until her husband came out, and then [Cosmo] started on him.”

However, Bobby claimed the dog remained unsecured at the time of the attack.

When asked by CBS 17 if the animal was tied up, he shook his head and said: “No, he wouldn’t have gotten to her.”

He also said he had spoken to Proctor previously about Cosmo’s aggressive behavior. However, she said she was unable to do anything because the dog belonged to her grandson.