Elon Musk Fires Major Shot at Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: ‘You Cannot Sue Your Way Into Orbit’

by Michael Freeman

The billionaire space race between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is as intense as it is entertaining. Continuing to take shots at Bezos, Musk referred to him and said “you cannot sue your way to the moon.”

Elon Musk’s comment comes amid a legal spat regarding SpaceX‘s Starlink satellite network and a NASA deal. Amazon appealed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), asking it to reject the Starlink proposal. Starlink naturally competes with companies having similar plans to provide global internet, such as Amazon, Samsung, and more.

Additionally, Amazon is challenging SpaceX over NASA’s $2.9 billion award for a Starship lunar lander. The rocket is set to launch in 2022 and NASA choosing SpaceX means the company will be helping Americans go to the moon again. “You cannot sue your way to the moon, no matter how good your lawyers are,” Musk bluntly stated at the 2021 Code Conference in Beverly Hills yesterday.

That’s not all Musk has to say about Bezos though, with him taking further shots at him at the conference. Musk joked about Bezos’ rocket, saying it “could be a different shape.”

Kara Swisher asked Musk about the shape in an interview yesterday. “Could you explain from a technological point of view why it’s that shape?’ Musk answered if your goals are only doing suborbital, the rocket can be shorter. These comments reference the fact many say the design resembles male genitalia.

Musk seems unfazed and amused by the suit. Swisher later asked him if he and Bezos ever discussed the legal dispute. Musk said, “Not verbally… just subtweets.” For reference, subtweets mean indirectly speaking about someone without mentioning them. Being an active Twitter user, his comment is unsurprising.

Despite Being the World’s Second-Richest Man, Musk Claims to Live in a Tiny $50,000 Home

Considering Elon Musk’s massive wealth and status, one would expect his home to be equally impressive. Surprisingly, this doesn’t seem to be the case, with him claiming he lives in a $50,000 home.

Back in June, Musk confirmed this after a media company reported learning Musk’s home was a house in Boca Chica, Texas.

“My primary home is literally a ~$50k house in Boca Chica / Starbase that I rent from SpaceX. It’s kinda awesome though,” Musk tweeted. “Only house I own is the events house in the Bay Area. If I sold it, the house would see less use, unless bought by a big family, which might happen someday.”

The residence is described as a 375-square-foot house with a kitchen, one-bedroom, and one bathroom. Known as a Boxabl Casita, the company prides itself on its mission to significantly lower homeownership costs for everyone. The units are prefabricated foldable houses for consumers.

Everyone has their preferences and it appears Musk, billionaire or otherwise, is no different.