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Elon Musk Is Worth More Than Every NFL, NBA, MLB Team Combined

by Suzanne Halliburton
Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

If Elon Musk happened to be a big sports fan, he could go really wild with all his wealth.

After all, the richest man in the world could afford to start buying sports franchises. In fact, he’s so rich, he could buy all of them in the United States. That’s every team in the big three leagues in this country.

Check out this tweet from Ian Killingstad from FrontOfficeSports to give the Elon Musk wealth the proper context. In a tweet earlier this week, Killingstad posted:

“Today Elon Musk became the richest man in the world with his net worth reaching $255 billion. What’s crazier? He is now worth more than every MLB, NBA, and NFL team…combined at $241 billion.”

Musk’s wealth is fluid, but it continues to spike at levels never seen before. He could be the world’s first trillionaire. Earlier this week, his wealth was estimated at almost $275 billion. He’s likely to be the first person in the world to hit $300 billion.

So let’s pretend Elon Musk bought all the teams for a cool $241 billion. He’d still have about $34 billion, give or take a few million, left for his personal wealth. And if he only had $34 billion, he’d still rank 21st on the Forbes 400 list of the country’s richest people.

Elon Musk Added $36 Billion in a Deal This Week

Elon Musk added more than $36 billion, Monday, when news broke that Hertz ordered 100,000 electrical vehicles from his Tesla auto company to build an electric vehicle rental fleet by 2022. Tesla stock then increased by almost 13 percent.

The sports world is dominated by billionaires. So let’s quantify Musk’s wealth in terms of athletics. The Houston Astros, a team playing the Atlanta Braves this week in the World Series, are valued at nearly $1.9 billion. Owner Jim Crane bought the team for $465 million in 2011. Meanwhile, the Braves are worth about the same. Neither team ranks among the top 10 in Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees are No. 1 at $5.25 billion. That’s about $2 billion more than the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team at No. 2.

Over in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys rank as the most valued franchise at $6.5 billion. Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, made his money in the natural gas business. And Dallas has dominated the NFL list for 15 straight years. And owning an NFL franchise is good business. Even with the Covid 19 pandemic, each franchise averaged about a 14 percent increase in revenues.

Maybe Elon Musk wants to dabble in basketball. The most valuable NBA team is the New York Knicks at $5 billion. That’s a nice shopping trip for Musk these days.

Earlier this year, Forbes reported the most valuable sports franchises in the US. Check out the list.