Elon Musk Says He’ll Eat a Happy Meal on TV If McDonald’s Makes This One Change

by Liz Holland

McDonald’s has an impressive history of collaborations with celebrities and public figures, including Travis Scott, Saweetie, and BTS. Is Elon Musk next on the list? 

The billionaire is no stranger to sharing his thoughts on Twitter. In fact, it’s probably where his followers hear from him the most often. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Musk tweeted out, seemingly unprompted, that he would eat a Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s began accepting cryptocurrency as a valid payment method. Specifically, a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin. People loved it. Other fast food restaurants like Burger King hopped in on the replies of the tweet. One user even joked that if McDonald’s starts accepting Dogecoin, they’ll eat every meal for the rest of their life there. 

The meme-based cryptocurrency seems to be one of Musk’s favorites, and he’s happy to offer the fast-food giant an official endorsement if they put his suggestion into action. McDonald’s hasn’t made an official statement on the matter, but they did reply to Musk’s tweet, firing back “only if Tesla accepts grimacecoin.”

Dogecoin Value Raises After Elon Musk Tweets

The entrepreneur’s words clearly have power. According to Coinbase, Dogecoin rose in value by 7% following Musks’ tweet. Additionally, even though it could be a coincidence, the current pinned tweet on McDonald’s Twitter profile is a tweet from January 24th that says, “how are you doing people who run crypto Twitter accounts.”

This isn’t the first time the brand has commented on the idea of accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Earlier this week, one Twitter user said they would eat at the fast-food chain more often if they accepted crypto as payment. The brand replied, “We appreciate hearing your interest and continuously evaluate the payments experience,” amongst other interactions with the crypto community recently. 

McDonalds and cryptocurrency seem to continually be part of the same conversation this week. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele shared a meme of himself in a McDonald’s uniform when bitcoin’s price dropped significantly on Monday. Under Bukele’s leadership, El Salvador became the first country to accept cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, as legal tender last year.  

The Unpredictability of Crypto Currenc

Cryptocurrencies in general have been a bit turbulent in recent weeks while investors dial back their more risky investments. There’s an expected interest rate hike from The Federal Reserve coming up. Because of this, investors say it’s not the most ideal time to be putting all your eggs in one basket. 

Speaking of how volatile the fluctuations in crypto can be, the price of Dogecoin also rose earlier this month. The change came after an announcement from Elon Musk. Musk shared that Tesla would begin accepting payment for merchandise on their website in the form of Dogecoin. And sure enough, they did! The brand’s “Cyberquad for Kids” and a Tesla belt buckle had prices listed in Dogecoin, among other items. 

While it’s unclear if and when McDonald’s might ever accept Dogecoin as payment, one thing is for certain. If they do, Elon Musk, who has previously referred to himself as “The Dogefather” will be among the most excited.