Elon Musk Takes Swipe at President Biden Over Tesla Recognition

by Victoria Santiago

Elon Musk has never shied away from sharing his thoughts and feelings on Twitter. That’s especially true when it comes to Tesla. Today, January 30, the tech entrepreneur quoted a tweet with some harsh words for President Biden.

The original tweet, posted by @GailAlfarATX, read: “Amazing, petition is over 10k people in support of Tesla @elonmusk ‘I implore you, @POTUS , and so do those signing this, to do the right thing and acknowledge @Tesla for its hard work in making EVs a possibility for Americans.’ Let’s get to 15k.” They went on to include a link to a Change petition for Tesla. Elon Musk quoted the tweet with, “For reasons unknown, @potus is unable to say the word ‘Tesla.'”

So, what’s the cause for this snarky tweet? Well, the petition that was linked in the original tweet actually has some good background information on this. According to the petition, which is called “President Biden Please Acknowledge Tesla’s EV Leadership,” Tesla is not getting the recognition they deserve.

Tesla Is Apparently Not Included in the Lineup of Leading EV Makers

As we know, several other automakers are starting to move their business towards going fully electric. Ford and GM are just two examples of automakers that are beginning to focus on electric vehicles. Of course, there’s been a lot of talk about them in the news recently. Apparently, President Biden has also been mentioning the giant automakers. Not only that, but the White House even held an event for EV makers and Tesla was not invited.

According to the White House, this is because the event was for United Auto Workers (UAW) members only. Tesla is not a member. When asked, a statement was released about the event. However, it didn’t really address why the EV leader wasn’t invited. Rightfully so, people are feeling like Elon Musk and his company are being purposefully left out.

If you’re interested in reading the full petition, or if you want to sign it, you can do so here.

Elon Musk Has Been Critical About Other Automakers In the Past

GM is just one of the companies that are currently tackling EV production. Even though they’re garnered a lot of praise for their work on EVs, Elon Musk has been critical of them. According to Musk, “they appear to have some room for improvement.” Before that, he had said that if they sold one more EV than they did last quarter, it would be a step up for GM. He doesn’t think that anyone will come close to dethroning Tesla anytime soon.

Still, though, Tesla has some work they need to do. The EV company has recently been under a microscope. as federal agencies begin to probe into their software and safety features. Most recently, they’ve been probed for allowing drivers to play games on the center console while the car is moving.