Elon Musk’s Tesla Aims To Sell 20 Million EVs Annually By 2030s

by Megan Molseed

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla says his company has some objectives for the next decade. Tesla currently holds a position as the lead producer and seller of electric vehicles (EVs). And, the Tesla CEO intends to maintain this title. The automaker is developing factories all over the world. And, continues to plan on building more. The goal, Musk has suggested, is to produce as many as 20 to 30 million electric cars per year by the year 2030.

Key Points

  • Tesla’s founder and CEO aims to produce 20 to 30 million electric cars annually by the year 2030.
  • The company plans to continue expanding with factories all over the world.
  • Tesla continues to lead the way in electric vehicle sales.
  • Part of this goal includes developing more models within the Tesla brand.
  • Tesla’s newest factory the German Berlin Gigafactory is slated to produce as many as 500,000 cars yearly by 2025.

Elon Musk Aims To Produce As Many As 20 to 30 Million Electric Vehicles (EVs) Annually By the 2030s

He admits the plan is aggressive, but Tesla founder CEO believes his goal of producing tens of millions of the company’s electric cars per year is feasible. Tesla leads globally in electric car sales already. And, this is a title Elon Musk does not plan to let go of. And, the company continues to expand; creating factories all over the world. This, it seems, suggests that this title is certainly something the automaker will maintain.

As of now, Tesla operates within sixteen different factories all around the world. These factories either produce the vehicles, the parts for the vehicles, or both. The most recent addition to these factories is the recently build German location known as the Berlin Gigafactory.

Tesla Continues To See Soaring Numbers In Worldwide Sales

The last year has been the company’s best year in terms of sales volume, selling nearly one million vehicles. This is a major increase compared to 2020 when the company’s total sales fell below 500,000. However, even this was a major improvement over 2019 when the company sold a total of 367,500 EVs.

So, with these numbers trending upwards in as quickly as they are, few would be surprised if Tesla achieves its lofty goal within the next decade or so. Additionally, further success in these markets will lead to the company’s expansion into other markets, Musk notes.

“As we are able to ramp production and satisfy demand in our existing markets, then we will be able to expand to other markets,” Musk explains. “And we will also add additional products.” Additionally, the Tesla CEO says the company will be expanding its vehicle roster during this time as well.

I think it’s aggressive, but not impossible, that we could do 20 million cars in 10 years,” Musk continues.

“And that would be a good number because there’s 2 billion cars and trucks in the world that are in active use,” the CEO continues. “So 20 million would be then 1 percent of the global fleet per year.”