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Empty Liquor Bottles Found Inside Top Secret New Air Force One at Boeing Factory

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Hyoung Chang/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Every once in a while a story comes out and I think to myself, ‘That person has to be from the south’. This Boeing story did just that. On the new, top-secret Air Force One being built by Boeing, someone left a couple of surprises. Empty tequila bottles littered one of the new jets at the Texas factory.

So, with Air Force One being the air transport and shelter for the President of the United States, this is a bigger issue than it seems on its face. However, it isn’t like the jets are being used currently. One has to think an employee is responsible. The jet itself is still under construction. Now, the manufacturer has launched an internal probe.

Boeing has said this is a “personnel matter” meaning it is likely an internal individual responsible. Two miniature bottles of tequila aren’t a huge deal on a typical plane. However, Air Force One is anything but typical. I just have one question really. All I want to know from this investigation, was he listening to Dierks Bentley’s Drunk On A Plane?

Joking aside, here is the real issue. Boeing has a ban on alcohol in its factories. Manufacturing and alcohol DO NOT mix, especially with jet engines. This is something that will be dealt with, surely there are cameras all around the factory.

The two jets Boeing is currently building are identical and will be ready by 2025. They come in at $3.9 billion. President Donald Trump and Boeing agreed to the deal in 2018. There is going to be a manhunt in the Boeing facility for whoever left those tequila bottles there. Let’s just get that presidential jet finished without any issues.

The History of Air Force One

There is an interesting history to Air Force One. Over the years, the design has largely remained the same. The iconic paint and design were actually designed by Jacqueline Kennedy. It has largely remained unchanged since the 1960s. Over the years there have been updates and new jets made.

Air Force One has always been a fortress in the sky. Boeing is making these jets with that in mind. Really, it is a White House in the sky. Since the president is a top priority, the building of these aircraft is a national security priority.

Currently, the president has two VC-25As to choose from. They were originally unveiled under President George HW Bush. Since then, they have been used by six presidents. HW Bush, Clinton, W Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden have all used the jets over the years. After 30+ years of service, it will soon come to an end with the new jets being built. So, once they can get the day-drinkers out of the place, Boeing will be able to deliver a set of brand new Air Force One planes.