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What Year Is It? English Police Department Uncovers Flintlock Pistol While Serving Warrant

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by John Stillwell/PA Images via Getty Images)

Better not miss: An Englishman in his 60s has had a flintlock pistol confiscated after officers found it concealed during a drug bust.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. How else can anyone explain one elderly criminal’s choice of a musket for protection. If you’ve ever loaded or fired a flintlock musket or pistol, then you know why this is such a ridiculously terrible idea – as is everything else this gent is up to.

But that’s not all. Officers would also recover a sword and Class A drugs during their warrant search in Bedford Monday, October 11.

“We have taken a gun off the streets of Bedfordshire after officers found the firearm in a washing machine during a warrant,” specifies Bedfordshire Police Wednesday. “Officers also recovered a sword and Class A drugs during the warrant in Bedford on Monday,” their full release reads.

According to the precinct’s report, the 60-something-year-old man from Bedford’s arrest came on suspicion of his involvement in supply of illegal drugs. The man was also suspected of possessing an illegal firearm. Who would’ve guessed it’d be a flintlock, though?

By the looks of it, this old antique flintlock pistol isn’t in firing condition, either. It’s lacking a trigger, hammer/cock, and several other key components like a ramrod. Or, as one Twitter reply puts it:

“Ummm…it’s missing the hammer. What were you afraid they were going to do with it, hurl it along with harsh words in your general direction?”

Bedfordshire Police’s Proud Confiscation of Flintlock Pistol Leads to Hilarious Feedback

This is but the tip of the iceberg, too, as one expects from Twitter. Bedfordshire Police’s post hosts a menagerie of hysterical responses from the U.K. public over their confiscation.

Take this tweeter’s reply, for example, which shows an “Artist rendering of the washing machine in question.”

“I’m so thankful that we won our independence from the Crown,” adds Imperator Wise.

“Was the antique flintlock on the streets or in a washing machine? Make up your mind quickly constable, the Americans will be logging on soon,” echoes tweeter Anatoly of the flintlock.

The comments come in stark contrast to Detective Inspector Tom Stean of Bedfordshire Police’s intelligence team, who says “These significant seizures are just the latest successes in our fight against serious and organised crime.”

Stean cites that his team’s work “demonstrates that wherever we find the supply of illegal drugs, we will invariably find weapons and people ready and willing to get involved in serious violence. We are tireless in our pursuit of the drug dealing networks which drive so much of the violence and exploitation that blights our communities.”

Something tells this Outsider that the 60-year-old could’ve done a whole lot more damage with his sword than this flintlock, however.