‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott’s Explanation on Why the ‘Incredible Atmosphere’ of ‘A Star is Born’ Was Unique

by Courtney Blackann

Sam Elliott’s incredibly cinematic experience led him to a number of unique roles throughout his established career. While he’s taken on a diverse range of acting gigs in his life, his work in the 2018 Bradley Cooper film “A Star is Born” was something incredibly special.

The “1883” actor opened up about what it was like to film the movie. He sat down for an interview with BGN to reflect on his time playing the role of Jackson Maine’s older, wiser brother. While he didn’t know Cooper before filming, Elliott said he was “the real deal”.

“I didn’t know him before this started really…but I suspected what type of guy he was. After my first encounter with him, I thought, “this guy was, he was the real deal!” He’s honest and he’s on this search for truth. He’s committed to it, just trying to tell the truth,” Elliott said in the interview. “There’s a certain amount of [the truth in the film]–because it’s the nature of the beast–that didn’t make it the cut,” he told the outlet.

Elliott is also the real deal. With his status as a staple in Hollywood and his ability to adapt into a range of characters, he brought some true grit and tension to the role of Bobby.

The Remake of “A Star is Born”

“A Star is Born”, which originally debuted in 1937, has been remade four times. Cooper’s retelling of the story is a modern take on the infamous tale of love, insecurities, and what it’s like to race to keep up with the fame game. Elliott provides a staple amid Jackson Maine’s (Cooper) unstable decisions. This worked so well because of the bonds Cooper, who also directed the film, lent to the cast.

“Everyone gave [Cooper] so much because of the situation that he created. That Anthony [Ramos] said [ in the roundtable interview beforehand]. Stephanie [Lady Gaga] said the same thing. He created this incredible atmosphere and made everybody so comfortable. Then, he went in there, to tell the truth, and it’s a great tale,” Elliott continued.

For his performance in the role, Elliott was nominated for an Academy Award.

Sam Elliott’s Unusual Roles

Like we mentioned, Elliott has taken on some diverse roles. In another interview recently with AintItCool, the star opened up about an early film entitled “Frogs”. The -eco-horror film required Elliott to get up close and personal with some slimy co-stars.

During one of his scenes, he had to literally have snakes dropped on him. Not just any snakes, but the poisonous cottonmouth variety.

“It’s a very venomous snake. Not the kind of snake you want to get bit by. It sounds like I’m afraid of snakes. It was weird to me that there were in fact cottonmouths around. I thought maybe they’d have something that looked like them. There were some nonvenomous snakes to be sure but this guy was pretty strange,” he told the outlet.

Though the 1972 film wasn’t exactly a huge box office hit, it did open up other opportunities for Elliott, he said.