’20/20′ Season Premiere Goes Deep on a Millionaire’s Love Triangle That Ended in Death

by Megan Molseed

Tonight’s premiere episode of the popular ABC news magazine, 20/20, goes deep inside a true-crime event. Investigating a deadly love triangle between a millionaire, a young mother, and her lover, a former NFL footballer turned bouncer.

The deadly love triangle ended in the death of the young woman’s millionaire fiance, Bill McLaughlin.

Nanette Packard was convicted of persuading her lover, former NFL linebacker Eric Naposki, to murder her millionaire fiance in 1994. Tonight, she discusses the case, and what she thinks really happened in an exclusive interview in the 20/20 premiere event.

According to her interview, Nanette Packard still feels “a lot of guilt over what happened,” all those years ago.

“Had I not been having an affair … Bill would be alive still,” Packard tells 20/20 in the exclusive interview. “I feel that way.”

Since their conviction over ten years after the murder of McLaughlin, Packard and Naposki have spent almost a decade behind bars; each serving a life sentence as convicted killers.

Each was sentenced without the possibility of parole. However, both Packard and Naposki claim they had nothing to do with the millionaire’s death.

“I never said that Eric did it because I couldn’t say that Eric did it for sure,” Packard says of the killing.

“I don’t know that,” she adds in the interview. “He never said that to me.”

The Friday night 20/20 episode will delve into the relationship between Packard and McLaughlin; as well as the affair between the woman and Eric Naposki.

“Eric knew about Bill and Bill knew that Eric was my friend,” Packard says in the interview. Packard notes that while Bill knew the former footballer, he had no idea Naposki and was having an affair with his fiance.

’20/20′ Investigates A Twenty-Seven Year Old True Crime

On December 15, 1994, fifty-five-year-old Bill McLaughlin was shot by an intruder six times in the chest as he sat at his kitchen table.

No arrests were made in connection to this murder until 15 years after McLaughlin’s death. It was at this point that authorities began to investigate McLaughlin’s fiance and her lover in connection to his death.

The two, who had taken separate paths by this point, were arrested in 2009 and charged with murdering McLaughlin.

Prosecutors for the case argued that Packard was the “mastermind” behind the murder; convincing Naboski to kill her fiancee so the two could collect money.

Prosecutors believed that Packard stood to benefit quite a bit from the death of McLaughlin including payouts from his life insurance policy, $150,000 from McLaughlin’s will, and access to the man’s beach house.

“Hopefully they’re thinking about what they did,” Bill’s daughter Kim McLaughlin told ABC News of the convictions.

“What I miss most about my father is just having him as a friend,” she continued.

“I know he’d be very proud of us and the choices we’re making,” Kim McLaughlin adds. “And so, it’s hard not to have him be able to share that here on earth with him… We miss him dearly.”

Tonight’s True Crime 20/20 episode will premiere on ABC a 9 p.m. Eastern standard time.