2020 Tokyo Olympics: Closing Ceremony Light Show Wasn’t Nearly as Impressive in Person, Video Shows

by Anna Dunn

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has drawn to a close, but the closing ceremony looked a bit different in person. The Olympics, which had to occur a year later due to COVID-19, didn’t have spectators this year. Perhaps that’s why the organizers of the closing ceremony felt comfortable making the light ceremony look better from a distance.

The light display was meant to be a part of a “moving forward” theme.

“Together, these lights rise to form a luminous wave — representing the Olympic spirit that lives within us all,” the organizers said in a statement. “As these lights take flight across the stadium, we remember the many people whose contribution made the Olympics possible -both near and far, as well as those who could not be here today.”

But the light show itself was definitely better from those watching from home vs the athletes in the stadium.

Still, organizers for the Olympics were able to pull off an incredible feat, even with some special effects thrown in. They organized a historically significant international event under the threat of a pandemic. Hopefully, the 2024 games in Paris will have less problems related to world events. That way, the committee dedicate more time to the spectators on the ground.

But the 2020 Tokyo Olympics taught an important lesson. Organizers for the 2024 Paris Olympics have prepared for the worst.

“Of course, we are learning a lot as we have done here in Tokyo about adapting to the challenges of a pandemic,” Agathe Renoux, spokesperson for The 2024 Paris Games told the press. “We are ready to adapt and we are keeping our focus on our exciting Games.”

The Real Viral Moment From The Closing Ceremony Was The Olympics Inspired Fashion

The closing ceremony had some incredible moments, but the internet was buzzing about the fashion. First, the US team slightly redeemed itself. Their Ralph Lauren designed opening ceremony outfits were widely mocked for being pretentious.

The closing ceremony outfits, however, were much more praised. Many complimented the more casual outfits for being more modern, on-trend, and less like a boarding school uniform. The boxy white jackets with white pants were certainly a look, but nothing started a conversation quite like Canada’s jean jackets.

Canada’s closing ceremony look definitely went the most viral. The team wore jean jackets with graffiti-inspired lettering and print.

This was in an homage to the popularity of street fashion in Tokyo. It’s also an homage to what Canadians like to call a “Canadian Tuxedo” which is just a jean jacket and blue jeans.

“We love the twist on the iconic Canadian tuxedo for the closing ceremony look… Tokyo is also known for its street art and fashion,” a spokesperson for Hudson’s Bay design team said in an Olympics Q&A. And the jackets certainly made their mark. Love them or hate them, they were certainly a viral moment. And unlike the light show, they probably stole the show in person too.