‘9-1-1’: Will Eddie Stand By His Decision To Leave?

by Megan Molseed

Monday’s brand-new episode of the hit series 9-1-1 shocked fans as Eddie (Ryan Guzman) made a big decision after he found himself to be at a crossroads.

In a heartbreaking moment, Eddie’s son, Christopher, worries that this would be his father’s last Christmas. A worry that fans of the hit FOX television drama can certainly understand.

This concern devastated the father and it soon prompted Eddie to take a step back and confront the realities of his heroic – but very dangerous – career.

And, in the end, the longtime firefighter had weighed his options enough to come to a shocking decision.

“I think I have to make a change,” Eddie Diaz says in the 9-1-1 mid-season finale. “I’m leaving the 118.”

But, what does this mean overall? Will Guzman’s Eddie Diaz follow through with this major life change? Or, will he just step away for a breather, giving himself, and his son, time to ruminate on what is most important in life?

Of course, fans of the series know that Eddie wouldn’t come to a decision as big as this one easily.

Will Eddie Be Leaving The 118 For Good?

We all know he made the announcement that he did because he was prioritizing his son’s needs over his own. This is an especially important stance for Eddie to take right now since Christopher has already lost Ana after her and Eddie’s recent break-up.

During the 9-1-1 midseason finale titled Wrapped In Red, viewers saw Eddie and Christopher preparing for a festive holiday.

However, the festive feelings were soon shattered when Christopher wakes up screaming from a nightmare about his mother who died in 9-1-1’s third season.

Once Eddie comforts his son, Christopher reveals he’s afraid his dad will die too. This devastated Eddie. And, he tells a fellow 9-1-1 coworker, his job at the 118 is important but it’s never more important than his son.

Maybe Eddie Will Simply Take On A New ‘9-1-1’ Role

Of course, there is always the possibility that Guzman’s 9-1-1 character could decide to simply switch his role as a first-responder to something a little less dangerous. He could still find satisfaction serving the community as a paramedic or something along those lines. Sure, the job is still a risky one, but it is far less deadly than regularly racing straight into the danger like firefighters often need to do.

Whatever the case, it will be some time before 9-1-1 fans find out what will come of Eddie as the hit drama’s fifth season progresses. The popular FOX series is on a holiday hiatus and isn’t scheduled to return with new episodes until 2022.