Aaron Watson Reveals What He Misses Most on Christmas

by Atlanta Northcutt

Country artist Aaron Watson is sharing what he misses most about Christmas.

It’s not surprising to learn Watson is missing his family and spending time with loved ones.

The pandemic is preventing many individuals, including Aaron, from being with family. Visiting friends and family would be a typical Christmas day tradition, but during a pandemic, everything has become a “new normal.”

Sadly, that “normal” doesn’t include safely spending time with remote family members.

Aaron loves his family so much that he previously mixed his home life with his career upon releasing his first Christmas album.

An Aaron Watson Family Christmas contains 10 holiday-based songs featuring him, his wife, Kimberly, and their three children, Jake, Jack, and Jolee Kate. The album was released in 2018.

Many memories southern families share originate around a table, especially while enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts. There is a saying many have heard: “good food, good friends, and good times.”

Once upon a time, that saying perfectly described the togetherness of the holidays as family and friends joined together to celebrate.

Previous to COVID-19 restrictions, the holidays were already hard on those missing loved ones who had passed. This Christmas is even harder on many, including Aaron.

On this particular Christmas, Watson is thinking of his late grandmother. Not only is he missing her, but he’s fondly recalling many memories about enjoying the remarkable baking talents she possessed.

“You know what I really miss on Christmas?” Watson asks Taste of Country. “I miss the candies that my grandmother Watson would make, and I miss the sugar cookies that my other grandmother would make. … I would love to have just one more batch. When those candies and those cookies came out, I was always selfish with them, and I never shared.”

Watson doesn’t actually feel guilty for devouring all of his grandmother’s treats. It’s survival of the fittest when it comes to siblings and cousins all wanting sweet treats.

“I’m glad I didn’t share,” Watson admits, laughing. “I have no regrets. Usually, you look back and go, ‘I should’ve shared,’ but I’m so glad I didn’t. I ate the majority of them. As soon as those cookies came out of the oven, I don’t even know if I tasted the first five or six of ’em. I went all out.”

He laughs while thinking of his focus on “getting” during a season where the central theme is about “giving.”

Aaron makes a semi-excuse for his aggressive nature of snatching his grandmother’s cookies and candies. He compares stuffing his face with as many sweets as possible when he was a child to now, as an adult, writing and performing music.

“That’s what it’s all about, going all out,” he adds. “Whether you’re eating cookies or making music, you better go all out.”

He is taking to social media to remind fans and holiday enthusiasts to listen to his family Christmas album, An Aaron Watson Family Christmas.