‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Gets Emotional Asking Fans to Watch Special Tribute to His Father Billy

by Matthew Wilson

“Alaskan Bush People” star Bear Brown gets emotional on social media, announcing that the TV series plans to hold a special for his late father Billy Brown. It’s been a tough time for Bear and the entire Brown family as they mourn the loss of their patriarch.

Billy Brown passed away on Feb. 8 after having a seizure at his mountainside home. In the days leading up to his death, Brown was in poor health and had difficulty breathing. Doctors revealed the “Alaskan Bush People” star had a worsening heart, his condition heightened by living at elevated altitudes. Brown is survived by his kids, grandchildren, and a legion of fans that watched the show.

Bear Brown revealed the show will host a special for his late father and give fans across the world a chance to grieve. The special should include clips of some of Billy Brown’s best moments. His family plans to continue his dream of living outdoors off the land and free.

Bear Mourns His Father Billy Brown

Since his father’s death, Bear Brown has used Instagram to share his grief with his followers. The “Alaskan Bush People” star has posted numerous tributes to his father. In one moving story, he revealed how he introduced his own son River to Billy for the first time.

He wrote, “I’m glad my Dad got to meet my son, his grandson, I will always remember the twinkle in his eyes when he held him! Hold tight to your loved ones! You never know when it’s the last moment you’ll get with them!”

In another lengthy Instagram post, Bear gave an update on his family during their period of mourning. He thanked fans for sending the family both well wishes and condolences.

“Hello everyone! My Mom wanted me to personally thank everybody, for all the support in this very hard time! By far the hardest time my family, the Wolfpack! Has ever been through!” Bear wrote. “We have received condolences from all over the world! So thank you to all y’all guys from all over the world! It means a lot to us!!! Be sure to tell the people closest to you, how much you love them! You never know when you might not get the chance again! Also I would like to give my condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one! God bless!”

An outpouring of love has continued in the wake of Billy Brown’s death. As far as fans, several users have posted their own condolences on Billy Brown’s online obituary, paying respects to the late reality TV star.