‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Reveals Photo of Impressive Six-Pack Abs in Latest Update

by Jon D. B.

Alaskan Bush People’ fans, if you woke up today wondering what Bear Brown’s stomach looks like, you’re in luck! The self-professed King of Extreme‘s latest post features his six-pack abs in all their glory.

No caption necessary. No caption needed. And no caption included. Bear Brown‘s Instagram post Monday hits followers with a front-row seat to the star’s tone physique. With a single photo taken in a decidedly very nice bathroom, Bear lifts his tank top to show off his six-pack. And as we’re sure you’ve guessed, there is no caption. Because honestly: the abs are now the star of the show.

“Don’t [sell] out man! Keep it real!” his top commenter replies to the snapshot. Another follower echoes the sentiment with “Bear what r u doing lol.”

Their concerns are valid, as the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ star rarely posts photos of this nature. Typically, we see his take on gorgeous, scenic vistas, or wholesome photos with his fiance and adorable son, River.

Yet the young man is simply using his social media platform as he sees fit. In addition, Bear’s Instagram is set to maximum privacy settings. We can’t even embed the post here, since the function is not allowed. If you want to see his six-pack abs for yourself, you can follow Bear Brown on Instagram here. And those who are not fond of Bear’s new post can simply unfollow him, and won’t see another glorious ab photo as a result of such settings.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown: Active Instagrammer

While an interesting fellow, Bear has a huge heart, and enjoys wishing his followers well on social media.

“I love these two SO much, I don’t know what I’d do without them!!! It’s helped me a lot to have Raiven by my side in this default time! And Rivers priceless smiles always melts my heart! Much love!” he posted the previous week.

Bear has made it clear that his fans and followers mean a lot to him, alongside his family. On his recent trip to England, Brown made sure to send love to his followers:

“This is beautifully gorgeous!! I’m sending love to you beautiful bunch of folks!” he captioned a headshot during his journey.

All in all, Bear seems to be in great company as he survives the loss of his father, ‘Alaskan Bush People’ patriarch Billy Brown. As someone who lost their father in 2020 to the ongoing pandemic, this is the most I can hope for the guy.