‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Captures Pics of Massive Bucks in the Wild

by Amy Myers

It’s velveting season for whitetail bucks, and Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown caught some great shots of the transitioning antlers on Instagram. Brown, like all members of his family, tends to spend his time outside enjoying all aspects of nature and frequently runs into wild animals. Respectful as always, the reality star let the grazing deer be and admired them from a distance. After all, hunting season doesn’t start in Washington until next month.

In the Alaskan Bush People star’s recent photos, it seems he was walking through the woods when he encountered the deer. Unfortunately, we can’t show the impressive photos, as Brown’s Instagram is private. However, we can offer a little background and encourage you to follow him for other “extreme” snapshots.

The first photos he posted featured a young buck–perhaps a yearling with such a small stature. Another clue of the animal’s young age is the two solitary antler points jutting from the top of his head. He stares back at the photographer amid the tall grasses. Despite the fact that the buck sees Brown, he doesn’t seem alarmed. At the sight of danger, whitetails will lift their tails high before sprinting off, however, this one seems to only stare curiously back at its admirer.

The Alaskan Bush People star posted another album of a deer spotting. Though, this time, he found a whole group. Off on the side of the road are a mature doe with her two fawns and a much larger buck. Unlike the younger male in Brown’s previous photos, this male has ten points among his velvet antlers. During this time of year, bucks begin shedding the soft outer coat of their antlers and escort groups of does.

Check out the photos on Bear’s Instagram page here.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Shares Snapshots of Family Time

Much like the older buck in his latest photos, Brown has spent some time with a fawn of his own–River Anthony. Brown shares River with his son’s mother, Raiven Adams. Although the parents’ relationship tends to be “on and off like a light switch” as one fan observed, it’s clear Brown’s love for his son is constant.

Lately, besides his photos in nature, Brown has shared a few sweet moments with Adams and River. Just yesterday, Brown posted a photo of River, perched on his back. Adams snuggled close to her son behind him and all three wore ear-to-ear grins. In the following photo, Brown took a moment to spotlight his feelings for Adams with a close-up of the two together.

“The most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen!” Brown wrote in the caption.

Despite the troubles they’ve faced in the past, hopefully, the latest union of Adams and Brown is a permanent one.